7. LIBRA (Tula)

7. LIBRA (Tula)

7. LIBRA (Tula)Libra is the positive sign of Venus, cardinal air, the lower abdomen of the Cosmic Man, the scales or balance. As sign no. 7, it gives leadership, power and command of ideas. Libra has a somewhat different meaning in the Vedic than in the western system. In its stronger manifestation it is the sign of reformers, revolutionaries, prophets, idealists and fanatics. Libra individuals have a strong sense of harmony, justice and balance, particularly in the realm of ideas.

They want to see heaven on earth. They are sensitive, humanitarian, excitable and have the power to arouse and influence the masses. Their orientation is often political; in which sphere they often become leaders, even great generals.

They love the truth and are devoted to their ideals but may go too far in their zeal and become propagandists. They have a strong sense of the world or history as a whole as moving towards some ideal.

Their idealism may also express itself through art and drama, which for them becomes a vehicle of social change. They like fame and recognition and like to have an audience for their ideas and have a strong social sense. Librans are usually attractive and have a charisma that may become sexual.

They are not much concerned with home and family. But under the rule of Venus do like beauty around them, sometimes much like Taurus types. They like to have circles of beautiful or famous friends. They often like to live in the clouds and have strong connections with the higher astral plane.

They can attune themselves to the loving truth and thereby quickly learn to transcend the world. By their sociable nature they are often successful and want to make a mark upon the world. They like business situations that give them administrative power or ability to influence others. Yet they can lose themselves in their goals and projects.

Period † Oct 16 — Nov 14
Symbol Scale
Element Air
Nature Movable
Gender Male
Ruler Venus
Exalts Saturn (at 20°)
Debilitates Sun (at 10°)

† Per Vedic Astrogy. Read more about the Zodiac Signs here.

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