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A World of Service to Others

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Regarding what the future Service-to-Others Earth may appear to be, this will not be something strange. There are many groups on Earth already who operate in the Service-to-Others orientation. They share their resources, address the problems of each as though it were a problem for the many, sacrifice their own comfort for the better comfort of the many, and do not impede the growth or awakening to knowledge of each other. In the Earth of the future, these qualities will seem to increase in people, and groups will find less and less need for artificial controls on their behavior, and more and more allowance for trust among each other. There are no human societies, however, that exemplify the 4th Density spiritual Service-to-Others community. Human societies are, in the main, populated by the undecided. This colors the social structure, inevitably.

  • Where Communism ascribed to a system where each gave according to his ability, and all were supported, this of course did not occur. Corruption quickly gained the upper hand, black markets emerging, such that those ascribing to the original philosophy starved and were worked half to death.
  • Capitalism on its face fails, as while supporting the greedy, who without hesitation step on the least of those among them to raise themselves up, creates and enhances ignoring the suffering of the neighbor. Those who espouse capitalism, saying that Capitalist nations are most successful, fail to count the suffering of the little man. Success is not measured by the wealth and smugness of a few. Pollution, emotional deprivation, the dulling of the mind and heart of the man on the street — these are the byproducts of Capitalism.
  • Religions likewise, even if based on the philosophy that the weakest among them should be cared for, and all should give to the betterment of the group, fail. The Pope lives in splendor, gold and high ceilings everywhere, while those supporting this structure starve and are given edicts of sexual suppression that the pedophile priests hardly ascribe to.

Thus, even in the average family, the Service-to-Others 4th Density spiritual existence cannot proceed. Thus, other than read what we have described as our existence, we cannot point to a human culture, a human philosophy, as a case in point.

~ ZetaTalk, July 15, 1995

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