Ants' Attack

Ants’ Attack


Dear friend and mentor Yezzi, good morning.

How was your New Year passage? With us was all in peace, at home, watching the fireworks on TV.

A situation occurred in our other house. … This house has many ants everywhere. Our apartment is on the fourth floor and is always very clean and tidy. What called our attention yesterday when we picked up the laundry basket to put clothes in the washer was that only a few pieces were soaked in lots of ants, all so bonded as if attracted by something in the clothes. Then we said, this is spiritual. … So I decided to review the case with your help as you’re my mentor.

Our gratitude in advance, dear friend.




Dear Mantuano,

Hugs to your wife and children. Thank you. Here we are doing fine.

I’ve had this problem when I lived in Ribeirão Preto.

Yes, for sure the cause is spiritual and negative. When a centralization of these energies occurs, they are attracted. I started to examine my own problem. It does not mean that we are producing such energy, but the site may be contaminated for a long time, because of unfortunate events and etc. And when I say “the site,” I mean the region, the neighborhood. In my case, I had noticed the vibration in my house was not a hundred percent, but there were obstacles, and there was much more with the neighbor next door, therefore they seemed to be running from the neighbor’s house. They came by the thousands, in a single line, passing over my great African carpet in the living room and headed to the garden. Of course I could not see it without exterminating, but they still kept on moving silently until they were gone. Therefore, besides the negative vibrations that help them move and relocate from one side to another, there are also physical problems; that is, if there is a movement of construction around the area, they tend to flee.

On another hand, the elders told me it was a sign of the family moving soon, and, accordingly, we ended up having to move sort of abruptly back to São Paulo. This it is not superstition, because it happened to me. Think!

Find out where the nest is, put poison in it, and that will send them to other places or they will die right there!


DYezzi::; [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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