Are There ETs in The Form of Animals?

Are There ETs in The Form of Animals?


Hi Domingos,

I have seen some stuff on the internet and I am extremely doubtful that even made ​​me create a theory! The question is: Are there extraterrestrial beings in the form of animals such as dogs, lions, birds, frogs, etc.? And on top of that are evolved to the point of not only reasoning but also having their own flying ships? …




Hi Hector,

In the Universe exist beings of all types. There are beings who have no human or animal form, and they are only a “flying mass,” which means that everything works according to what I have explained in my book: “The habitat makes the inhabitant, and the inhabitant makes the habitat.” That says it all.

The technical, mental and spiritual evolution does not depend on the physical form. In fact, each spark, or soul, “adjust according to the place she is born.”


DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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