Chris Becomes an Associated Teacher at SHIVA Trust

Chris Becomes an Associated Teacher at SHIVA Trust

I am now an associated teacher with Sacred Himalayan Institute of Vedic Alliance (a/k/a “SHIVA Trust”), to educate and teach about spirituality, Vedic culture and Hinduism to modern world in the west.

Being a learner of Vedic astrology and Veda, I am more inspired to teach about ancient techniques of Shiva Yoga for spirituality to help peoples of the world to eliminate chaos and distress from their life.

To overcome sufferings and pains, we teach Vedic remedies as prescribed in Hindu scriptures, to help people how to become truly spiritual and techniques on how to be calm and one with Shiva to attain the state of mental equilibrium and balance, to face and overcome the troubles in their life and in our world.

To learn more, please visit SHIVA TRUST website.

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