Cannabis Could Prevent COVID
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Cannabis Could Prevent COVID

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Study claims that cannabis could prevent COVID-19

The next breakthrough in stopping COVID-19 may come not from Big Pharma, but from the humble pot plant. …

Cannabis was seeded on Earth for mankind’s benefit

A gift from God. “Like many of the plants that mankind has found particularly useful as medicine, cannabis was seeded here on Earth. Planted, for mankind’s benefit.” Hemp is a very valuable plant, serving a number of mankind’s needs. It makes superior rope, superior cloth as in canvas, and would be in production today if not for its famous quality of making one relaxed and forgetful. To keep the worker base alert and motivated to meet corporate goals, cannabis has been banned or regulated by most of human society. It is not just rope and cloth production that suffers. The very qualities that allow hemp to make one relaxed and forgetful have a positive effect on numerous diseases.

Cannabis smokers get red eyes because circulation is improved. Nancy will relay that her swollen ankles and feet were cured by hemp seed, which is sky high in Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils. Her doctor is astonished that she does not need the elastic stockings that he prescribed for her when she flashes her trim ankles at him. How does hemp oil, which unlike hemp seed does contain THC, cure cancer and ease MS and glaucoma? Many diseases are caused by the body itself, a reaction to stress or depression. Ease that, and the body’s normal functions return.

Cancer is a result of a failing immune system, most often due to a sense of helplessness, an inability to escape. This accounts for spontaneous remissions, where the cancer, even at the point of death, just turns around and shrinks out of sight. The person has decided to live. A stoned or even slightly stoned cancer patient forgets why he was depressed. He instead notices the birds singing, the smile and wink from a stranger passing by, and the short-term memory loss cannabis is famous for allows him to see that life is worth living.

MS is an auto-immune disease, where the body attacks and destroys its own cells. It is caused by a hyper-vigilant immune system, a reaction to stress. Relaxed by cannabis, and with a short-term memory unable to even recall what the worries were, the MS patient finds their immune system reverting to normal. It is not just relaxation from muscle spasms, it is in fact moving in the direction of a cure. This is the case for disease after disease, where the body has created the problem. The trend is thus for cannabis to become legal, else at least provided to sufferers.

In the Aftertime, this plant will become a mainstay in survival communities, as well it ought.  It is as prevalent as weeds, its alternate name, despite being illegal throughout much of the world. Unlike alcohol, which consumes sugar or corn or rye for its production, and thus takes food from starving mouths, cannabis is not a food crop. It asks nothing more than to be allowed to grow, and does not require special treatment in order to do so. Like many of the plants that mankind has found particularly useful as medicine, cannabis was seeded here on Earth. Planted, for mankind’s benefit.

~ ZetaTalk

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