December 21, 2012


“December 21, 2012 is only a date in the Mayan Calendar, signifying the …”… Read More

Where Do We Come From?


Domingos Yezzi explains our Source… Read More

What Are the Akashic Records?


“Not a leaf drops from a tree without the father knowing …”… Read More

Talking about the End of the World …


Earth is subject to great changes and periodic transformations as the rest of the planets in the Universe… Read More

Akhashic Records


…The reason you must have been chosen is by your previous akhashic records …… Read More

Jesus Christ


“…There were other leaders or avatars such as: Akhenaten, Buddha, Confucius, Mohamed, Krishna, and many others who, like Him, are… Read More

The Sun Is A Cold Star


As the Sun sets, another Sun will rise and both will meet in Zenith — both Suns will appear.… Read More

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