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Lal-Kitab Solar Return Report (Varshaphala)
Lal-Kitab Solar Return Report

Astrological yearly forecasts from the annual birthday, a/k/a “Lal-Kitab Varshaphala.” Details below.

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Sadesati, Dashas & Transits Predictions & Remedies
Sadesati, Dashas & Transits Predictions

Sadesati, Dashas & Transits Forecasts & Remedies Report. Details below.

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Karmic Horoscope Report
Karmic Horoscope Report

Complete karmic horoscope based on Vedic Astrology. Details below.

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Moon Transits Monthly Report
Moon Transits Monthly Report

Moon transit monthly predictions for the natal Moon sign. Details below.

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Vedic Astrological Reports

Vedic Astrological Reports

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