Do The Magnetic Waves From the Sun Cause Earthquakes?

Do The Magnetic Waves From the Sun Cause Earthquakes?


Hi Domingos, how are you?!

What can you tell us about this video? Is it true that these solar flares affect human consciousness and earthquakes on Earth? Is the sun harmful?

Than you,
Christina Breault


Dear Christina,

I do not believe these magnetic waves can cause earthquakes because they are the result of the movement of the tectonic plates deep under the Earth. The most they could cause would be interference in satellite communications.

Do not be impressed by these wave graphs, they are reflections of magnetic wave shocks in the high solar layers. It has nothing to do with heat or fire! My affirmations overthrow all these. Those who want to relate this graphs with heat and high temperatures, will soon be proved what I say: The Sun Is A Cold Star!

Everything that emits radiation, be it magnetic, infrared, ultraviolet, the radiation waves that are emitted from cellular phones, and even the emissions from a TV or computer screen, when exposed continuously for a long time on an individual will rather affect not only the consciousness, but the brain, the mind and the human spirit. I have a Chinese friend doctor, who applies Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, told me he has detected several cases of brain tumors (cancer), endocrine disorders in various glands of the human body, such as thyroid, pituitary, etc., in addition to interference in the bone marrow, spleen and reaching even the eyes! As a good Italian descendant that I am, I would say: “Siamo tutti fritte e infarinatto,” which translates: We are all battered and fried.

The Sun has become “harmful” for some time now because we have no more of that thick ozone layer. It may be noted that solar radiation is being felt most recently.

DYezzi::; [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

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