Earth Justice and Divine Justice

Earth Justice and Divine Justice

“The lost bullet only strikes the one who shot it first!” (author Domingos Yezzi). There are no coincidences or divine injustice, what is there is what comes back to catch whoever made the same or similar mistakes, both in past and current lives. Whoever was unjustly imprisoned and remained in prison, with mathematical certainty, arrested or caused someone to also be unjustly imprisoned in the past and, even if they did not admit it, came to reap what they planted. So it is in all cases of human life here on Earth. I would even say that when nature punishes someone directly or indirectly, it’s because something he/she did against it or used it to harm his fellow man who in despair threw his wails into the air, but was not heard at the time, because this is the condition of free will and, in fact, without forgiveness, laws of action and reaction are formed in the cosmos. Then we will see a tree falling on someone, an animal catching and devouring someone or just hurting them, or even a lightning that strikes a person or community, flood, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. In many cases, mass murders, robberies, revenge, the deaths of pseudo-innocents, are manipulated through mediumship by malevolent entities that, in complicity with the perpetrators, drugged or not, take revenge on their executioners through their ancestral cronies, today with renegade sensitives, potential criminals, who besides fulfilling a mediumistic “order”, become even more criminals increasing their guilt before the Creator, but, with absolute certainty, will not escape from what he produced when he least expects and while the rest of the living will think of him [to be] unworthy of that event and even blame God!

“Whoever hurts with a sword will be hurt by a sword” — He already knew! Therefore, whoever makes wars, or approves wars, even if only by vote, will have wars. A plane crashes with hundreds of people on board, only one left, certainly he was not part of that order of return, or he, rather, decided not to take that plane. There was a case, if I’m not mistaken, in Rio de Janeiro, of that a guy who didn’t take a plane which crashed killing all the occupants and he, leaving the airport complaining about not having taken the plane, when crossing the street, died of being run over!

Am I a fatalist? No. By no means, just a scholar of these laws and thinking that it is time for the truth, and to end these nonsenses of sects and religions!

There are many more details, but it would produce a new book, so I will stop here, with my sincere thanks and asking everyone to reflect on these statements.

~ Domingos Yezzi – São Paulo, Brazil (November 22, 2013)

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