Writings of The Extraterrestrials

ETs’ Writings

The differences in original writing between inhabitants of some planets in our solar system are posted here by way of illustration and, at the same time, to provide language and writing scholars with some of the unpublished material that we have been able to capture in the course of our research during all these years of work. Perhaps the graphologists, the experts can bring something more to our knowledge. They were captured by C. A. Yezzi, my late wife.

Alien Writings captured by Domingos Yezzi and his late wife


“Every man, even the most humble, has within himself something to offer to humanity and the Universe. It is therefore, to the spirits of more lucid ideals, the duty to wake up the minds of these humble ones with actions and teachings. Man is the instrument of the Universe. Therefore, we, beings of extraterrestrial civilizations, are willing to do everything to get to you.”

~ Translated by Christina C. Breault
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