Reptilians, Galactic Federation, Grays ...

Reptilians, Galactic Federation, Grays …


Dear Master Yezzi, good morning.

In the UFO communities several times is said that there is a Galactic Confederation which has the task of ensuring, directing and planning the development of the planets. What could you say about this subject?



Hi Mantuano,

Yes, in the UFO and spiritualistic communities, but more like those, it is spoken of the existence of this Galactic Confederation [a/k/a Galactic Federation], however they have proved nothing and up to now it is [only] assumed that they exist. I and my Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Guides, in addition to Ramatis, denominate them as SIDEREAL ENGINEERS, who are highly ascended entities and have as function to form, coordinate and balance the planets and the types of existing life on them.

Therefore, as I’m not the owner of the truth, I prefer to believe in their existence, but I would like to obtain from the ufologists information on the source that they have of their existence. You can believe, none of them will say any sensible thing, unfortunately!

In my view, all of this, the Confederation, the Reptilians and other manifestations, are products of spiritualistic minds who want or feel they are in danger, and desire superior protections. Undoubtedly we are not abandoned in the solar system, however, I am unaware of the existence of these manifestations and those who say that they exist never proved or verified their existences. The Reptilians come from a belief based on ancient gods of Mesopotamia, along with the Anunnakis, but that is belief in statues that suggest that these beings would have existed, but even so, to me they are creations of priests and leaders for domination of those peoples that needed to fear to obey. This also occurs with those that preach the existence of Galactic Confederations, they need to fear something, but nothing has been proven [and] why fear that which is not proven and verified!

DYezzi [Translation by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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