How Many Mary’s?

How Many Mary’s?


Dear friend and mentor, … I would like to know how does it “work” this having of several “Our-Ladies”? My knowledge and studies lead me to believe that there should be only one, which was Mary, mother of our master Jesus.

Grateful in advance. Hugs,

~ Mantuano


Dear Mantuano,

It works by the way of beliefs from Ancient Egypt where there was a god for every thing. Akhenaten of the 18th Dynasty abolished all the gods, “amon,” and replaced by a single god, “aton,” — the Solar spectrum. But the priests earned a lot of money from fanatic believers, and after the death of Akhenaten, when he was replaced by his son Tuthankamon, who, under popular pressure restored all the gods. The same way the Catholic Church does today, where there is an appearance or manifestation of Mary, there will be an “Our Lady.” And the people like and accept this with pleasure and hence the rise of various Mary’s, but in truth there is only one. Nevertheless, the faith, the hopelessness, the hope, the diseases and so forth, through faith, attract new manifestations and new phenomena, because Mary, who continues to be a Sublime and Higher Entity, lower her vibrations to meet the demands of her followers in all parts of the world.



~ DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina C. Breault]

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