How to Detect a Potential Bad Spouse – Part 2

What’s worse than never getting married? It’s marrying the wrong person!

Vedic Palmistry allows us to foresee a partnership that is potentially a bad choice.

Line of Heart

Line of Heart positioned too close to the Line of Head indicates a carrier who’s more calculating than affectionate.

Line of Head

Line of Head sloping towards the Mount of Moon indicates depression and suicide tendencies.

Line of Head separated up from the Line of Life indicates a carrier who’s Quarrelsome and reckless, someone who does not seek or hear advice.

Line of Union

Absent Line of Union indicates a person who’s uncommitted to their sexual relationships.

Saturn and Sun Fingers

Separation between Saturn and Sun fingers indicates a spender and wasteful carrier.

Mercury Finger

Mercury Finger inclined out of the hand indicates sexual deviations.

Thumb (or Venus Finger)

A Short and Wide Thumb, as well as Short and Wide Nails, indicate Aggressiveness and Stubbornness.

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