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I Sold My Soul

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A Flyysoulja’s¹ video, where he tries to explain that he has sold his soul in exchange of fame and fortune, has inspired me to initiate a series of talks on the transition of Earth from 3rd to 4th Dimension.

Separation of the chaff from the wheat - Compiled by Domingos Yezzi and digitized by Chris Breault
Separation of the chaff from the wheat – Compiled by Domingos Yezzi and digitized by Chris Breault

The ignorance of this young man is very sad as he fails to realize the horror of his deal. Ben Fulford is very familiar with such a sale invitation as he was also approached by the same team of recruiters.

“… we are dealing with an ancient cult of human slavers known as the Hyksos who worship a goat-faced god with a forked tail that we know of as Satan. A holocaust is a burnt offering to Satan. The Jews have been their slaves for thousands of years. This writer only learned about these people when they invited me to join them and offered great wealth and power as long as I agreed to participate in their plot to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. I have been fighting them ever since. …”

Ben Fulford

Map of The Cult of Baal

Artist Dylan Monroe explains in an extraordinary infographic how all Earth’s religions are rooted in a single source of evil.

¹ Flyysoulja is an American hip hop artist

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