Is It Advisable To Get Tattoos?

Is It Advisable To Get Tattoos?


Mr. Domingos, can I ask you a question a little off from what you usually speak of? Some years ago I heard from two people that it is not advisable to get tattoos, no matter if it’s a dragon or a flower, they vibrate in the astral negatively, harming the carrier when he’s there. Does that happen?

Thank you.
Rosa G.


Hi Rosa,

Yes, it does happen! It is not advisable to get a tattoo of any kind, either to register a love, a dedication, a celebration, a symbol be it religious, political or social, because the human body is like a temple of the soul. What is registered in it follows the spirit after death. Besides that, it becomes a sort of trademark of the person, which can be found in police investigations, and even more in spiritual investigations. I’m not prejudiced against tattooed people and I’m not against tattoo artists, but instead I’m sorry to see that they seem to have lost their personality, becoming another irrational one within these colonies, revolted against the world and against all. The tattoo, in addition to endangering the organic defenses, can cause transmissions of viruses and congeners. Yet more dangerous are these piercings, holes, earrings, rings and other things, wild and irrational objects, indicative of a great mental and spiritual weakness by their bearers. Therefore, our body should be preserved from these indigenous, Aborigines appropriations contrary to the individual, mental and spiritual progress. This is without taking into account that negative entities induce the weak to adhere to these bad habits, because they vibrate in the same range. I could expound much on the subject, but I think this here is good enough.

DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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