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I can finally bring resolution and closure to the subject of religion, specifically Christianity, in the depth of my being since it was something I was intensely involved with and after 13 years studying, practicing and believing in its doctrine and promises, I couldn’t help but conclude it wasn’t what’s sold up to be. I had to take a hard look at it and accept the lie that it is and that I had bought it. This answer by my dear friend Domingos Yezzi assists me into a profound and permanent closure of this matter and I can finally put it to rest.


“Domingos, what could you share about Jesus Christ? I was a Christian (Baptist) for several years (after I came to the USA, in 1993 I converted to Christianity and later, in 2007, I un-converted). I see the spiritual Brazilian community almost totally turned to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, which takes them (back) to the root/basis of Christianity. I’ve noticed people labeling it as “Christian spirituality,” or “Christian Spiritism,” which is, in fact, Christianity slightly deviated from the (coded) Bible. Many ufologists and/or defenders of the ETs are also defenders of Christianity, which has Jesus Christ as the center/base of ALL, which seems to perpetuate the universal Christian evangelism/catechism as if all inhabitants of Earth are to submit to its doctrine. Can you comment about this whenever you have some time? I’ll post your comments on the website as this is a very polemic subject. Thank you!”

~ Christina Breault


With most pleasure.

In the pages from 169 through 180 of my second book, “the DNA of The Spirit and The Extraterrestrials,” through me They do a questioning about Him. It would be good to read them.

He, for me, was a great Avatar who came to bring ancient teachings and who marked his presence by allowing himself to become a martyr. This made him a spiritual leader and, as mankind always has been and continues to be lacking in idols, it appropriated him and his examples for the formation of a religion. But as Him — note that when I refer to Him I do it with a capital letter as a sign of my profound respect for His person and spirit as the nation of non-religious that he leads —, there were other leaders or avatars such as: Akhenaten, Buddha, Confucius, Mohamed, Krishna, and many others who, like Him, are leading millions of followers and that also left [us] great examples. But like I said, none of them made a point of forcefully leading their followers, who, diverted by fanaticism and obscure political interests, took different directions within humanity that I see to be the cause of the fratricidal wars. I think that if these deviations didn’t exist there would be no wars. And this occurs since they began to exist on the face of the Earth.

I have several personal messages from him for me, which were never put to the public, due to their personal and private character, although He left clear that I could publish them whenever I wished. I was the one who didn’t want it to avoid giving the impression of [that I have] special protectionism from the Master-of-Masters. But someone will ask, why me? I would answer, because our spirits have ancient connections which date back to the legendary Atlantis when he was a great priest and I also followed Him. On the occasion of his return more or less 2017 years ago, I was a Greek, a painter physician, and later an evangelist, whose initials are LC, and, as incredible as it may sound, I was not an apostle of his, but I was the only one who had the privilege of painting Mary whose framework is currently in the former Yugoslavia. Therefore, through psychometrics He and my guides showed me that phase of my past, which for me, with sincerity, means little because I had hundreds of other passages prior and subsequent to His coming that were also important and others [more] simple and common, which shaped me to what I am today and causes me no more surprise the fact that I have contact with highly evolved beings, because all this is a great and prior planning from the High, to which I submit myself trying to fulfill my mission, nonetheless, without failing to be a simple and humble human being as much as possible, and with many flaws that still need to be corrected.

This way, Jesus, in my view and feeling, was and is a spirit as all of us, but, [who] left recorded in His Akhashic Records, in His Spiritual DNA, selfless acts of great magnitude and of universal significance, He then be considered by the Higher Masters the Spiritual Governor of the Earth, because He gave Himself in full to this planet of atonement, another spiritual prison of our solar system, to which, few have equaled in resignation and humility, when He could have defended Himself without having to use any weapon with such a mental power He had, but He did not, keeping within Himself his immense energy in the form of Universal Love for all humanity.

In one of the occasions on which He vibrationally projected Himself in front of me in my home, showing only His immense light without showing Himself anatomically, I asked him, “Jesus, why didn’t you, with so much power and knowledge, petrify those who reproached You, denounced You mercilessly? I, today, I would like to go up [there] to see the statues of them with swords in their hands, motionless and serving as an example for others that venture to disregard someone of Benevolence! Ugh! If I were there in those moments!” I concluded, to which he replied: “I thank the Father for you not having been present there, as if it were, you would have spoiled my mission and would have compromised yourself for the rest of your reincarnations. I allowed myself to be martyrized but nobody has prohibited me from feeling pain! And it was what I did in my worst moments, projecting my Double Ether to outside of my body!” He concluded. After that, I kept quiet to myself and placed myself in the rightful place of ignorant of things programed by the sidereal Engineers.

~ Domingos Yezzi [Translated by Christina C. Breault]
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