Nature of the Houses

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In Vedic Astrology there are certain houses that hold more importance over others. You should look at these houses first, before looking at the others. Kendra (Angle) is considered analogous to “beginning, central, and immediate.” Panaphara (Succedent) is equal to … Read More

The Houses of Jyotisha

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Sanskrit Meaning Significator Main Rulerships 1 Tanu Body Sun Body, Overall Results, Health, Childhood, Self, Head 2 Dhana Wealth Jupiter Family, Wealth, Speech, Food, 3 Sahaja Siblings Mars Courage, Discomforts, Loss of Property, Loss of Parents, Diplomas 4 Sukha Happiness … Read More

The 12 Houses (Bhavas) and Their Meanings

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Different aspects of life signified by each of the 12 Houses in the Horoscope. House Name Ruling Planet Meaning 1st Lagna Bhava Sun 1st house or so called Lagna is the most important of all the houses and determines the … Read More

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