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The Navgrahas & Their Meanings

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In Vedic Astrology, only seven planets are considered and the two nodes of Moon (North and South), therefore nine (Nav) planets (Grahas). Below is a summary of the meaning of each planet.

Hindu NamePlanetMeaning
Surya, BhanuSunAtma-Self, masculine, future, soul, physical body and health, heart, life force, courage, ambitions, pride, dignity, ego, vitality, will power, stamina, sense of self, power, fame, life, health, sovereignty and clothes, glory, inspiration, creativity, leadership, Father, teachers, authority, bosses, political leader, Kings or Presidents. It has anger but momentary. Its element is gold. East is represented by sun.
ChandraMoonIt is a cold, calm and quiet planet and represents mind, reflective, feminine, night, emotions, sensitivity, nurturing, security, past, past-lives, patterns of behavior, receptivity, caring for others, heredity, Mother, motherland, the public or masses, popularity, inner contentment, money, general well-being, home, water, habits, subconscious mind, growth in early childhood, fertility, breast, menstrual cycle, eyes, lungs, liquids and nurses. Direction north-east, element is silver.
BudhaMercuryMercury is talkative and tactful, but not harmful. It is a good trader, mathematician, editor and publisher. It has excellent argumentative and analytical power and mind. Intelligence, wisdom, speech, education, matters relating to communication such as speech and writing, humor, trade, commerce, sales, education, ideas, thoughts, school, analytical and rational mind, cognitive intelligence, sense of humor, youth, trickster, truth, telephones, television, computers, travel especially short distances, childhood, aunts and uncles, neighbors, adaptability, twins, astrology, nervous system. It represents memory, throat, arms, maternal uncles.
ShukraVenusThe feminine spirit, beauty, grace, charm, refinement, luxuries, wealth, sensuality, vanity, charisma, glamour, good taste, sexual attraction, elegance, comforts, arts, music, theater, love, wife in a males chart, pleasure of the senses, sugar, affections, conveyances, flowers.
Mangal, KujaMarsEnergy, action, passions, male influence, courage, strength, motivations, anger, violence, determination, aggression, bluntness and boldness, injury, accidents, war, chemists, fire, anger, surgery, initiative, motivation, courage, technical or mechanical ability, sports – athletic, military figures, police, fires, physical strength, operations, muscles, blood, sexual vitality, weapons, machines, conflict, can inflict death, fire, selfish, criminal, goal oriented action, self-righteousness, land, property and real-estate, brothers, enemies, science, instruments, guns, knives. Its element is copper. Its color is red and direction is south.
GuruJupiterSpiritual teacher, guide, truth, religion, philosophy, spirituality, grace, law, the great benefic, fortune, wealth, expansion, higher education like colleges, optimism, generous, joy, luck, self-indulgent, excessive, faith, children, money, husband in a females chart, long distance travel.
ShaniSaturnDiscipline, order, structure, dependability, stability, separation, solitude, limitation, obstruction, poverty, death, disease, oppression, pessimistic, worry, fear, bad luck, old age, delays, retards things, concentration, paralysis, depression, stunted, deprivation, bondage, fixed assets, land, property, endurance and lasting, doubt, phobias, darkness, sorrow, longevity, detachment, decay.
RahuRahuFame, extremes, foreigners and foreign lands, fulfillment of worldly desires, status, prestige, power, worldly success, outer success with inner turmoil, obsessive, addictions, psychic, disturbances, collective trends, disturbances, poisons that destroy and heal, medicine, drugs and alcohol.
KetuKetuLoss, liberation, perception, wisdom, lack of confidence, negation, self doubt, fantasies, confusion, indecision, illusions, drug addiction and alcoholism, psychic influences, fire, injury, death, spiritual insight.
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