Pain, Disgrace, Health, Joy, Sublimation
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Likeness With Likeness Heals

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Pain, Disgrace, Health, Joy, Sublimation

I look at myself, I look at my wife in an almost vegetative state in her bed, immobile for almost three years after an acute stroke, I look at my dear daughter now just married, I look at my blood [related] brothers, and I see a past of great toil and various sufferings. I reach my late parents, my late in-laws, everyone without exception sufferers, who had nothing in life but pain, misfortune, suffering and regrets, and now I cry a lot more when trying to help my dear companion.

I have impulses of internal and external revolt, I even punch the walls, raising my fists in the air and blaspheming aloud against everything and everyone. No one escapes, from top to bottom and vice versa. I blame everything and everyone.

I feel completely abandoned even though I am surrounded by Superior Extraterrestrial Entities and Spiritual Entities from Earth, considered to be angelic.

Even so, I don’t accept. I think I’m sowing seeds in the stone or giving pearls to swines. I see that I opted for the most difficult “wanting to be good”, and it was of little use to me. It only increased my sufferings and the suffering of the ones I love.

Despite knowing the causes of this struggle for a dignified survival, whose causes are recorded in previous lives and which were shown to me through psychometry on my mental-astral screen, I think things could have been easier and postponed “without date”, but just now that we have set out to disseminate the knowledge we have accumulated over the millennia of our existences, exactly now we are almost not allowed to do so.

But someone higher, on the “other side” “pokes” our mental ears saying: – “Look back and down and you will feel blessed by luck. You will see that there are cases much worse than yours”! And I answer derisively: – “Why should I only look down? Why not up? Is it so that I don’t see those who are better than me?”

Soon comes the answer: – “Everyone gets exactly what they deserve. And you should be thankful for what you get, as it is exactly what you are deserving at the moment. You yourself can improve your standard of worthiness.”

I have to conform and keep fighting to improve my vibrations and the vibrations of all terrestrial humanity, through my positivism and the knowledge that I try to bring to it. After a few moments of reflection and relaxation, I went into astral and psychometric projection movement, when I was shown the following:

The felt, emotional, sentimental part of a humanity, which encompasses all types of feelings, negative or positive — feelings that can be controlled and directed —, are only produced by irrational beings, because they only have the act of survival that consists of defense and offense, emitting the mental emotions of physical pain. The emanations resulting from these physical pains coalesce in the rustic psychospheres of each planet, closer to the crusts of these planets, as if they were a rarefied layer of deleterious matter, invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, composing a kind of powerful amalgam to the interior of which the perispirits of these animals return after their disincarnation, for later, energetically recomposed, to be attracted to their rebirth in new physical bodies. This is done almost mechanically, instinctively, continuing the maintenance of each species and for the acquisition of slow ascension progress, but always towards physical and spiritual improvement.

Therefore, the umbraline regions, or the negative psychospheres, or also called low astral, “underground”, only began to exist after the advent of the human being in the visible crust of each planet. The human being himself, considered as a rational being, when emitting his negative thoughts and corresponding acts directed against himself, against his fellow men, against nature, result, as a consequence, in the formation of the same type of amalgam, psychospheres or pockets of deleterious matter, quintessential and giving rise to the so-called parallel worlds composed of fields in affinity or in direct tune with that type of being, within which this same being will “inhabit” after its disincarnation. There, your perispirit will be attracted and re-energized, detoxified in the same way as homeopathic reagents, that is, “likeness with likeness is cured”.

At the beginning of the existence of life on Earth, when the terrestrial “habitat” was rustic and the human being lived in caves, craters, in the forest, and other bucolic dwellings, when this human being disincarnated, what were his “forms of thought”? What were his mental emanations?

Of course, they could only be what they saw before they died, that is: their inhospitable “habitat”, with its caves, craters, mudflats, monstrous animals, their furry, bellicose, hideous, fearful human counterparts and the total lack of knowledge of the environment that was waiting for him over there. Without even knowing if there was the “other side”.

In this way, everything that was being formed in the psychosphere that suited him was in accordance with his mental plasma. After his death he was attracted to that region and there, as if he were still alive, he continued his animalistic life cycle.

In their respective psychosphere, the “homo-sapiens”, or the primate, “built” in their new habitat what they imagined to be good for them and there they “lived”, until they were again attracted to new reincarnations. Thus, for millennia, everything was being forged both on this side of life and on that side. These regions were not dismantled and would serve, as they do today, to receive the spirits that, despite being more modern, live mentally and physically in the manner of primitive beings.

However, other beings were emerging, more spiritually advanced, coming from other orbs and their mental emanations were resulting in the appearance of other parallel regions, other astral pockets consistent with each group that was disincarnating and automatically attracted there.

The spheres of suicides, alcohol addicts, sex addicts, drug addicts, those who were stuck with certain diseases, those who dedicated themselves to curing these diseases, the spheres of rescuers, doctors, politicians, the military, of the religious, of the magicians, of the mystics, of the hypocrites, of the criminals, of those affected by the guilty intentions, and thousands of other regions.

The spheres of musicians, mentalists, mystics, elementals, angelics emerged and sublimated more and more in accordance with their new inhabitants, until reaching the highest cosmos, the spheres of sidereal engineers and so on. It is not difficult to understand why there are as many regions in “heaven” as there are on Earth. The great Master Jesus said: – “Whatever is connected on earth will be connected in Heaven; what is disconnected on Earth will also be disconnected in Heaven.” He, better than anyone, knew all this and also said: —”In my father’s house there are many mansions”.

Earth Psychospheres Illustration
Earth Psychospheres Illustration

How would you visually define these spheres that I call psychospheres? Bringing the images to the modern reader, I would say that they are like gigantic “compact-discs”, or “CDs”, some superimposed on each other in a horizontal alignment and others in a vertical alignment, yet others interspersing or overlapping them in a diagonal alignment, being the central hole of this imaginary CD, would be the terrestrial globe. For the reader to visualize it a little better, it is as if Earth were the planet Saturn having hundreds of gigantic rings on top of each other horizontally, vertically and diagonally. These rings, or psychospheres, invisible to the naked eye, are only visible through mediums or through the super sensitive and sophisticated apparatus of extraterrestrial beings, super evolved.

The passage from a lower to higher spheres takes place through energetic connections, or vortices, whose entrance is only discovered or known by beings who inhabit the most advanced psychospheres, otherwise, any and all inferior, malevolent, diabolical or even psychically sick beings, they would invade spheres that do not concern them and are not related to them. This avoids disharmonization between the psychospheres that become watertight worlds with their own “Modus-Vivendi”. However, within its respective psychosphere, the inferior being will be able to move around as when in life on earth.

These locomotions are done through the mind, through the vibrations of volitation or the projection of thought to the superior spirits, whose desire is sufficient to take them wherever they want to go. However, even the most powerful have difficulties because they need to lower their vibrations in order to descend to the lower psychospheres and even to us in the earth’s crust. Each psychosphere has the appropriate vehicles to travel from one sphere to another, as needed.

Therefore, each form of thought has a right address, whether or not it reaches the objective of the person who thinks it, depending on the inertial force and will imprinted on the thought. If, the target is to be hit by another person of the same carat and negative mental content of the “sender”, the target will be hit, without appeal, having the vibratory and wave mental beams “thickened” by other negative emissions from other enemies of that person.

However, if the targeted person is positive, has his thoughts always with high tendencies, his aura, which is his force field, will be lit and continuously fed by the mental currents of his positive thinking, it will burn, completely destroying the negative emanations against him, or will repel them back to their emitters, taking them by surprise as they will be with their force fields open, unguarded and, in this case, they will absorb all the miasmas emitted by themselves. This is how the force fields of extraterrestrial ships that fly in outer space work without fearing anything.

I must remind that the forms of thought acquire the format that we idealize, that is, a dagger, a revolver, a whip, a sword, or just sparks with powerful ripples, in short, everything that we imagine our mind will shape and send wherever we want, just as, when we say our prayers, if we make them well directed, thinking about the words we are saying and the mentor to whom we ask, they will hit the target, we will be heard and the return will always be favorable to us.

Human beings have not yet evaluated their mental potential. If this potential is someone like a magician, who is used to dealing with these energies, they will be even more potent, and they will hit the target in the right region and accurately, even if it is negative, as it is necessary that the target or person in question is more potent and positive than he, so as not to be hit. Hence, there is a lot of sorcery and a lot of disharmonies among the living, because the magician, or sorcerer, does not need to be among the living, he can be among the disembodied and ally with the revived channels (mediums and evil people) here on Earth to provide solutions and plot his evil intentions together with the one who invoked him.

But, the Law of Reaction is implacable, for those who misuse their potentials or powers, they will reap what they launched, if there is time, they will reap in their own existence or irreparably in the next ones, when they are defenseless.

Disembodied entities, in addition to suffering self-punishment (sometimes without realizing it), remaining in their negative state for tens, hundreds of years, not enjoying the wonderful sidereal cosmic progress, will also receive back when they return to the physical body, this body that will already be born under the most painful situations and ills.

Therefore, physical and moral pain, misfortunes, general disharmonies, health, happiness, luck, joy, sublimation and all other factors and feelings that move the human being or immobilize him in various situations, are the result of the vibratory “quantum” and the mental strength of each one; bad thought, bad result; good thought, great result.

Thought, in addition to being able to be controlled and directed, has a predominance over the other requirements of a human being, because in addition to being able to be released, it can be captured and above all it can be tuned without there being barriers to prevent the radiating emanations from being prevented from following its initial course, except by the being that emits the mental waves.

~ Domingos Yezzi, São Paulo, 02/24/96 – 1:53 pm

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