Mars (Mangal)

Mars (Mangal)

Mars (Mangal)
Mars (Mangal)

Mars is the Ksatriya of the Gods, meaning the warrior. Mars rules aggression, weapons, enforcement of law, emergencies, urgencies, weapons, energy, suddenness, rashness, anger, the color Red, and related items and matters.

There are points in all of us when we apply our energy and quickness, usually to prevent a disaster, or to save a situation. For example, we move quickly to catch a falling glass object. Mars likes to protect — we race to save a child from running into the street. If somebody is hurt, we hurry to the scene. Mars people are often involved in causing bleeding with their weapons or stopping bleeding with their medical equipment. The gun of the soldier kills some and saves others. It’s good to be on the right side of a person under the influence of Mars. A weak Mars makes one easily tired, jittery, easily angered, and reactive. Mars aspects 3 houses, the 4th, 7th and 8th houses from its own position.

Mars represents the energy, stamina and brothers of the individual. If well placed, it brings strength and focused energy, if poorly placed accidents and injuries. Mars is best placed in Makara (Capricorn) where it is called exalted. Opposite from there, in Karka (Cancer) it is least auspicious and called debilitated. Mars is lord of the sign Mesha (Aries) and Vrischika (Scorpio) and also of the houses where these signs are located.

Mars signifies: Energy, action, passions, male influence, courage, strength, motivations, anger, violence, determination, aggression, bluntness and boldness, injury, accidents, war, chemists, fire, surgery, initiative, motivation, courage, technical or mechanical ability, athletic sports, military figures, police, fires, physical strength, operations, muscles, blood, sexual vitality, weapons, machines, conflict, can inflict death, fire, selfish, criminal, goal oriented action, self-righteousness, land, property and real-estate, brothers, enemies, science, instruments, guns, knives. Its element is copper. Its color is red and direction south.

Mars (Mangal)
Ruling Sign Aries, Scorpio
Sign of Exaltation Capricorn
Sign of Debilitation Cancer
Moolatrikona Sign Aries
Nature Malefic
Houses of Aspect 1, 4, 7 and 8
Directional Strength (DigBala) 10th House
Directional Weakness (asleep) 4th House
Day Tuesday
Friends Sun, Moon, Jupiter
Enemies Mercury, Rahu, Ketu
Period in a Sign 45 days
Medical Astrology Blood, head, injuries, accidents, bleeding, headaches, high fevers, inflammation, surgery, burns
Main Significations Energy, Drive, Agility, Aggression, Accidents
Gemstone Red Coral
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