Morally Unevolved ETs, True?

Morally Unevolved ETs, True?


Dear Yezzi, is it is true that some ETs are scientifically evolved and yet morally unevolved? [If yes] How can it be? I thought they were restricted to just their world, that when were about to harm other humanities there would be an interference.

Nelson K.


Dear Nelson,

At the beginning of my contacts I thought so too, but with the passage of time and my travels with those who accompany me, I learned that the universe is a big waterless Ocean, where there are stubby, smart fishes, well equipped with general knowledge and highly spiritualized, owners of unparalleled science and others, because of the facilities of their “habitats” have achieved extraordinary technical and scientific knowledge and, perhaps for that reason, have forgotten their spiritual part, because they failed to solve their deadlocks, their problems, using only their sciences. It did not give them universal powers, but just highlighted them within their own “habitat” and when they venture out to other universal corners, they face more powerful beings than them, in mind and spirit, therefore, they become somewhat inferior before those who, due to their larger reach of cosmic scope, protect the needy as the inhabitants of Earth and other planets in their infancy. However, occasionally, some of those “sidereal patricians” escape the vigilance of the guards, attracted by warlike, macabre, belligerent and negative minds of many inhabitants of the earth, forming a sort of interplanetary channel, and come here to practice a series of arbitrary acts contrary to our customs and Cosmic purposes, making the rest of the population to think they are unprotected and deprived of God, in the hands of those beings. But, I assure all who read this post, they will not go unpunished and that things happen, or rather, only happen to those who have a karma in relation to the facts. Therefore, we must not forget that each of us has our destiny traced and we are fruits of our past actions, even if remote. There is no Divine injustice, to the contrary, the Law of Action and Reaction is followed closely in all quadrants of the universe.

DYezzi::. [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

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