New York and Its Role in The Cult of Ra

New York and Its Role in The Cult of Ra

Shocking revelations regarding the roots of the obelisk monument erected in New York Central Park in February 1881, why and where it can be traced.

Note: The text below was slightly edited by me and the original can be downloaded from here.

By Thomas Williams

And so, it was to pass that the 4th Reich was to be in America, and one city in particular, which I have referenced several times in recent shows; all the elites and their programs, all born in New York and born to Jewish parents.

Like Jerry Jeffrey Epstein, from the Facebook to Disney CEO’s, Nxium, to the bankers, to the UN, the Fed, Wall Street, Vanderbilts and Koch brothers — both Dutch, signifying New York’s past as New Amsterdam —, Rockefellers, Lehmans, Kuhn Loeb, Citadel, Hillary Clinton, [and] a whole range of bloodline families, the mafia all in one city, which has been dubbed Jew York. A place that for me personally would be the last place I would visit in America. [Translator’s comment: I gladly moved out of there to never return!]

Remember it was this same city that brought in the slaves from around the world, the same city that brought us Ellis Island and all the horrors of that, and the lesser known Castle Garden, which was a fort, the same region that brought us Long Island and Montauk, MK Ultra and the heinous Nazi experiments there. I will repeat again: most Nazis were not German, [as] Nazi is National Zionism, the same people who created Communism. Long Island was also the site of the plasma weapons that Cobra still burbles on about, but that was dealt with back in 2014, around the same time GHW Bush died incidentally.

Not forgetting America’s darkest day in history, and when the media conspiracy theory ends and they tell the full truth of that day, more people will understand this series, because it lays it all out, throughout history that lead up to that fateful day, which was another sacrifice offering to their fake gods.

On 9/11, the twin towers went from Joachim and Boaz to Osiris symbolism, with the light in the sky, only thing missing is the Batman symbol, [and] there is a reason why it is called Gotham. But to denigrate all New Yorkers because of these few cultists is as stupid as blaming all Germans for Nazism.

Like I have said previously, there was were two SS and their modus operandi were distinctly different, suggesting in FRWL 4 [From Russia With Love Part 4] some leading Germans were duped. Don’t believe that yet? Perhaps this next sentence might raise some concerns and eyebrows. The song that the Hitler Youth sang, was a German folk song called ‘Tomorrow Belongs to Me’ that predates the Nazi era. It was adapted and slightly altered for the musical Cabaret in 1966. It was actually written by two Jews, Fred Ebb and John Kander — you can’t make this shit up —, Fred Ebb born in New York, born to Jewish parents, John Kander born in Missouri, born to Jewish parents.

In 1880’s also began the rise of New York becoming the new center of the Cult of Ra, and the transfer of Cleopatra’s needle, which is an obelisk, symbolizing the penis of Osiris. It was Osiris who taught the humans how to make beer, entrapping them to the spirit world, where the demons awaited with bated breath.

The penis of Osiris, which was missing after Set (god of Saturn-Satan) chopped him to pieces in another of those family wars, the “gods” are now famous for, like Cain and Abel, Anu and Alulu (the real king of the Draco) and also Marduk, who was exiled by Anu has when they split up Midgard into 5 regions, he didn’t get the prized region, which is now the Middle East, replete with the spaceports.

Obelisk literally means Ba’al’s shaft, [and] Ba’al, remember [that] like Moses and RA, is a title, not a person per se. The obelisk is symbolic of the penis, and why the tallest one here in America, all of 555ft is facing the Oval office in DC. The Oval Office is symbolizing the vagina. You can guarantee it is placed very carefully, so the shadow of the penis at a certain date will enter the Oval office, the vagina at some point. This is how these people think and act, all hidden in plain sight, [and] the vast majority of which people cannot see right in front of them.

In From Russia With Love [Part] 3 we discussed Cleopatra, Alexandre and [that] they were the links of the real exodus out of Egypt into the Houses of Europe, which then set the stage using largely the Dutch House first to conquer America, via the Vanderbilts. Remember New York was New Amsterdam previously, all ran by the Dutch East and West Indies company, which predates the British one by 60 years.

Cleopatra’s needle was situated in Alexandria and had resided there for nearly 3000 years; and it was then transported from Egypt to New York in June 1880, and was erected (pardon the pun) in Central Park in February 1881. Essentially and symbolically, this represented the planting of the seed, the new foundations were set, the equivalent of planting a flag, most of which are false anyway, [in where] Stars and Stripes were modeled by a Brit and represented The Crown and it’s colonies, anchoring of their New World Order phallic symbol.

Stating with this penis, we hereby declare we are about to metaphorically fuck a new whole set of peoples, having done so everywhere else, [and] the fact that it was placed in a park by the name of Central should not be lost on the listener either, it is not a coincidence. The ceremony was conducted to assemble it, predictably by one group, as it is they who spread their cult via secrecy, the Freemasons. Jesse B. Anthony, Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York, presided as the cornerstone for the obelisk, [and] was laid in place with full Masonic ceremony on October 2, 1880. Over 9,000 Masons paraded up Fifth Avenue from 14th Street to 82nd Street, and it was estimated that over 50,000 spectators lined the parade route.

Just like the corner stone in the Mecca cube is symbolic, this freemasonic ritual is the same thing — Mecca is linked to the gods on Sirius B and no they are not good, far from it —, [as] it is laying the foundations and stamping its authority over that region and, quite frankly, New York was never the same again. It says it all in the [biblical] scriptures 1 Peter 2:6-8. For in Scripture it says:

6 See, I lay a stone in Zion, a chosen and precious cornerstone, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.

1 Peter 2:6-8

New York was designated as the new Zion, protocols and all. The meaning of protocol in one form is diplomatic rules of etiquette. This in layman’s terms mean: ‘We are going to tell you what we are doing, not our fault you’re too stupid to see it.’ With the reductionism in knowledge and the secrecy within hidden fraternal brotherhoods, the symbolism and deliverance of messages uttered by the Protocols of Zion, add in the message from Israel Cohen, was lost to many outside of the inner circle.

Why do you think it was the final chapter of the takeover of the world, by these Cult of Ra dark magicians? Let’s look at the hieroglyph translations of one side of the needle to get some greater clarity of what this all entails for us.

The crowned Horus, tall with the Southern Crown loving Ra.

The king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Men-Kheper-Ra (Thutmosis III) signifying that Thut the third was latest version of Moses, which is a title.)

The golden Horus content with victory, who smiteth the rulers of the nations, hundreds of thousands, in as much as father Ra.

Hath ordered unto him, victory against every land.

Gathered together, the valor of the scimitar, in the palm of his hands, to broaden the bounds of Egypt.

Son of the Sun (Thutmosis III) who giveth all life forever.

Translated hieroglyph on Cleopatra’s Needle/Obelisk

Horus, who killed hundreds of thousands like his father Ra, ordered victory of every land, to broaden the bounds of Egypt. This is what this series has been telling you, and it is all there in Central Park, New York, telling us all they intend to take over every land, this is why so much bad comes out of that one city.

The parade organized by the Jewish order in 1919 again in New York, was a float made out of German helmets around 30 feet high, in the shape of a pyramid, all Egypt references again. The cornerstone of the New World Order declared in America in 1776, with New York the center of it, aided by Switzerland, Holland, Britain and the Vatican, and the false country named isRAel.

Having delved deeper into this cult, a new name emerges, conjures up thinking patterns of the term and meaning of hive minded, given their occult magic background, that name is The Hivites. I have named them the cult of RA, but it appears this is their hidden name, of course they have many other names: Freemasons, Roman Cat-holic, Muslim Brotherhood, CIA, Khazarian, Ashkenazi, Illuminati, Mormon, Scientologist, Isis, Antifa, KKK, Democrat, Luciferian, Deep State or Shadow Government. But this is who they are known as in private [, The Hivites]. This cult has been on a rampaging path of desecrating all things white, all things Rus and all things Aryan, using the black and Jewish race as their guinea pigs to push racial division, create a new history that the whites were responsible for slavery, as FRWL 4 proved.

In the last one hundred years they all but killed most of the Rus in Russia, then set about creating their next stage of operation. The country of Germany was used as a vehicle in WW2, creating the division of Aryans peoples between Russia and Germany, add in Poland, the now Baltic States and all the Slavic countries and it turned into a bloodbath. This led to the creation of the state of Israel and then onto America, after the end of the war via Project Paperclip and Nazis, which is National Zionism, not German at all, but the Kali Ma/Israelite/Cult of RA peoples. Like I have intimated, there were two plots running side by side in Germany before and during WW2. The Jews were being persecuted we are told, but then another piece tells us they were supporting Germany during the war. Why would these said peoples be supporting the country who has allegedly [been] harassing them and then genociding them? Why, if everything is Jewish and Israel, do they have an obsession with all things Egypt? Because they are from that region is why, having been thrown out of the Garden of Eden in India.

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