Occult Talents & Psychic Abilities Shown in Your Hand

Palmistry has the power to reveal the very talents someone needs to be a palmist or an occultist of some kind. You can discover, in your own hands, if you, or someone you know, have the talents and abilities to be an intuitive healer or professional. This video talks about some of these signs.

Mystic Crosses
An X (cross) in the quadrangle of the hand — the middle region between the lines of heart and mind — below Saturn’s Mount, means occult talents (occult sciences such as astrology, palmistry, etc.). If the cross touches the Saturn line, it means the bearer will work with the occult. This X is known as the Mystic Cross, or the St. Andrew Cross. The hand of this photo belongs to the author of this website and material.
Hand Reading by Chris: Analysis of the Hand, Fingers, Mounts, Lines & more!
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