Occupations and Longevity of Aliens

Occupations and Longevity of Aliens


  1. How is the day-to-day of an extraterrestrial population? What are their occupations?
  2. About the lifetime of an alien body, for what I understood in my readings, the extraterrestrials have a material body but not a physical body due to them being more advanced. Is there just an exchange of material body, for a clone of their own? Isn’t there a deterioration of their body?

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  1. Almost all the evolved planets, that I have made known, their populations are objective. The planet is divided by sectors and not by countries, i.e., a sector only for productivity, another only for the medical field, another only for crop production, another sector for education which begins from birth until the end of the highest degree in training, without the need of preparatory courses and other ways of earning money for this eager youth to reach their diploma of high level. Everything envisioning the planet and the general population, without those earthly “isms” of capitalism, communism, revanchism, patriotism, religion, etc. There is a recycling of each inhabitant, i.e. who is a doctor, will become a farmer, producer of spaceships, producer of food and so on. There are no countries. There is a single country: the planet. In my fourth book, you and the others will read in more details.
  2. As it is explained in my book, the life of each being, be it terrestrial or extraterrestrial, is governed by its respective “habitat” and by the technical and scientific knowledge of the cells and molecules, and their genetics. The extraterrestrial beings of planets that are still in evolution, even being more advanced than Earth, are still in development and, therefore, have dense physical matter, but more keen than the beings of Earth. They indeed die, lose their body during a certain period of life, some beings with 250–300 years of our life, grow old and die, without diseases, but die. Others more advanced never die, they only exchange their shells, as as our snakes do, badly comparing. But they do not generate children through sex. They materialize the energetic body on those who will be their children and so on.

DYezzi [Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault]

Occupations and Longevity of Aliens

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