Orientation During the Transformation
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Orientation During the Transformation

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During the Transformation, the administrators of your galaxy are concerned with the following issues. They must determine the overweening leaning of the planet’s orientation. You will be pleased to learn that at the present time the Earth’s populace is deemed overweeningly leaning toward the Service-to-Other orientation, as was expected. Consequently, the movement of entities toward the planet that will be their next home progresses along the following lines.

If an entity is a Service-to-Others entity, this entity will be supported in a desire to remain in their incarnation during and following the cataclysms. By this is meant, this entity will be lifted, however temporarily or unconsciously, during the cataclysms, so as not to be destroyed and thereby ending the incarnation. New births on Earth are increasingly being granted as an avenue to entities in the Service-to-Others orientation. This is not at this time entirely the case, as there are other dramas being played out. For instance, some entities are close to a decision on their orientation, and are granted an incarnation in order to complete their decision.

If an entity is a Service-to-Self entity of a sufficient orientation to warrant inclusion in the Service-to-Self group, then upon termination of the incarnation the entity will migrate to a planetary home of the Service-to-Self orientation. If, however, the entity is close to a decision and is not yet of an inclination sufficient to warrant inclusion in the group, the entity may be granted yet another incarnation in order to further the decision-making process. It is for this reason you find many of your young so very brutal. They have chosen.

If an entity is nowhere near making a decision, and we must caution that there are many incarnations required for the entity to be armed with enough information to make this decision, then the entity is prepared for a new home planet. This is not a wrenching experience. The immature entity is given warm spiritual guidance, and this voyage is done in a cocoon of love. Likewise, as most of the immature entities on Earth will be making the same voyage, the entity is not alone nor without companions who share the same memories. At this present time, the greater number of your Earth’s entities are making this voyage or would appear to be making this voyage in the future, as their incarnation ends.

~ ZetaTalk.com

The above is somewhat consistent with what Brazilian author and contactee Domingos Yezzi describes in his books as the transmigration of the souls along with the following drawings, depicting the planets of negative and positive energies.

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