Our World Is About To Change Forever

A truly shocking compilation by Janet Ossebaard, credited to the below video.

This documentary was made by researcher and author Janet Ossebaard from the Netherlands, with the aid of countless ‘Anons’ across the world: “It contains thousands of hours of research. I urge you to accept nothing as the truth. Please do your own research and double-check everything I present to you. That is the only way to truly wake up and become an independent thinker.”

Read Ben Fulford’s article dated March 14, 2020, revealing what’s about to unfold.

UPDATE (2020-NOV-13)

The USA Is Not a Democracy and Its Republic is About To Be Reborn

On November 9, 2020, Benjamin Fulford reveals what he has learned from his sources to be a preparation for mass arrests followed by the re-founding of the Republic of the United States of America. The part of his statement I don’t believe is that Robert Steele will be nominated the new president and, according to the Zetas, president Trump will remain as such as he has yet another battle ahead of him, which is implementing a plan to mitigate the passage of Nibiru through our solar system, and for that purpose he established Space Force Agency on 20 December 2019 (to replace soon to be defunded NASA).

“The ongoing U.S. presidential election coup is turning out to be a giant trap for the families that own the Fortune 500 companies, multiple sources agree.  It is only a matter of time before Joe Biden and his fellow criminals will be charged and tried for treason, Pentagon sources say.

At the same time Western secret society sources say Marine Corps Intelligence Robert David Steele is being considered for President of the – soon to be founded – United States of North America.  Steele has nominated former Congresswoman and 9.11 truther Cynthia McKinney to be his vice-president. …”

~ Benjamin Fulford [Read full article]

On the video below, we can see Dr. Steve Pieczenik confirming some of what Fulford states and more. I must admit I’m not a fan of Alex Jones; however, the portion of his video is being used solely to share the statements of Dr. Pieczenik as he was exclusively interviewed on his show.

“This is a full-fledged revolution. … So, what’s happening now, contrary to what many believe, Trump is very much in control. … He’s watching the game, manipulating it and you don’t see it.

“Trump will win! I’d like to ask the people of America to please just stay calm, do what you’re doing, go to work, let’s get the economy back up again; I want all the small businesses to come up again. This notion of a pandemic is nonsense.”

~ Dr. Steve Pieczenik

UPDATE (2021-JAN-10)

A 50+ Year Old Plan To Bring The Cabal Down

This more recent video mirrored below explains everything that’s been going on since 1877 and what’s about to unfold!

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