Basic Data of The Planets in Jyotisha

Basic Data of The Planets in Jyotisha

Jyotish uses 9 Grahas (planets) in chart analysis:

Table 1

Sun Moon Mercury Venus Mars
Rules Le Ca Ge, Vi Tau, Lib Ar, Sc
Sign of Exaltation Ar Ta Vi Pi Cp
Sign of Debilitation Li Sc Pi Vi Ca
Moolatrikona Sign Le Ca Vi Li Ar
Nature Malefic Benefic Neutral Benefic Malefic
Gender Male Female Neutral Female Male
Karaka of Houses 1, 10 4 2, 10 4, 7 3, 6
Aspects Houses 1, 7 1, 7 1, 7 1, 7 1, 4, 7, 8
Directional Strength (DigBala) 10th House 4th House 1st House 4th House 10th House
Directional Weakness (asleep) 4th House 10th House 7th House 10th House 4th House
Day Sun Mon Wed Fri Tue
Friends Mo, Ma, Ju Su, Me Su, Ve, Ra Me, Sa, Ke Su, Mo, Ju
Enemies Ve, Sa, Ra, Ke Ra, Ke Mo, Ke Su, Ma, Mo, Ra Me, Ra, Ke
Neutral Relationship Me Ma, Ve, Ju, Sa Sa, Ma, Ju Ju Ve, Sa
Period in a Sign 30 days 54-56 hours 20 days 25 days 45 days

Table 2

Jupiter Saturn Rahu Ketu
Rules Sg, Pi Cp, Aq N/A N/A
Sign of Exaltation Ca Li Ta & Ge Sc & Sg
Sign of Debilitation Cp Ar Sc Ta
Moolatrikona Sign Sg Aq Ca Sg
Nature Benefic Malefic Malefic Malefic
Gender Male Neutral N/A N/A
Karaka of Houses 2, 5, 9, 11 6, 8, 10, 12 N/A N/A
Aspects Houses 1, 5, 7, 9 1, 3, 7, 10 None None
Directional Strength (DigBala) 1st House 7th House 6th House 12th House
Directional Weakness (asleep) 7th House 1st House 12th House 6th House
Day Thu Sat N/A N/A
Friends Su, Mo, Ma Me, Ve, Ra Me, Ve, Sa Ma, Ve
Enemies Me, Ve Su, Mo, Ke Su, Mo Su, Mo, Sa, Ra
Neutral Relationship Sa Ju, Ma
Period in a Sign ~13 months 2.5 years 1.8 years 1.8 years
ILUMINA Quick Guide: NavGrahas General Data
ILUMINA Quick Guide: NavGrahas General Data
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