The Power of The Mind and The Birth of Divine Sparks
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The Power of The Mind and The Divine Sparks

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The Power of The Mind, The Consequences of Positive and Negative Thinking, The Origin and Birth of The Divine Sparks

Channeled by Domingos Yezzi. Assisted by INK, leader of planet AGA, the 7th planet in our Solar System, not yet discovered by science. Domingos Yezzi’s interview for the Emissora de TV program – Channel 14 UHF/SP-Brazil, on 03/03/2002.

The Spark of the human being, when it was generated in the Cosmic Central Core, was constituted from the rational factor, the gift, the power to discern, to think, to decide, and to emanate one’s thoughts wherever and against whomever she wanted (the Law of Free-Will). Since it is the image and likeness of God¹, as it was generated within Him, everything and all things in the Universe are subordinated to it, provided that it itself seeks its intrinsic knowledge and knowledge about the energies, the laws that circumscribe and to all things in the Universe, it will be able to manipulate them as it pleases.

It is necessary for me to point out that a Spark, as the name implies, is a luminous, moving spark that is rational and personalized. There is no one in the Universe, equal or similar to it, however, there are the so-called, by the popular voice, the Twin Souls. True Twin Souls are those that are generated from the same spiritual matrix, not those generated from the same human egg. These may even be identical twins, however, they will not exactly be Soulmates. This univiteline union occurs for several reasons, one of them, karmic, where the Perispirits were very friendly in the Astral and did not want to separate. It could have been relatives, such as mother and daughter, father and son, father and daughter, mother and son, brother of the same or different sexes, who obtain authorization from the Mentors to return to the flesh together and can help each other in their paths, however, there are those Perispirits that are born trapped, glued by the abdomen, the back of the neck or the top of the head and by other organs. Some, having two bodies, but the same heart, in short, hundreds of other physical aberrations occur, almost all of them, or most of them, for karmic reasons, through which, those Perispirits, who lived sickly aggregated, as a result of the effect of a maddening passion, for having been inseparable partners in heinous crimes; because they are energetic “leeches” of each other and even during birth they were unable to break free and thus allow themselves to be magnetically attracted into the mother’s uterus, which would already be prepared, for when, during a copulation of the parents, as if it were a kind of physiological oversight, they were allowed to get lodged inseparably.

As for the Sparks – Twin Souls – which are generated by the Cosmic Central Core; here we give a quick explanation: the Nucleus (Core) generates the first Spark, the Mother Spark or Primary Spark, as it spreads to the Universe, other secondary Sparks come out of it and from these, successively, others tertiary until those that reach the atmospheres and crusts of the planets, their future “habitats,” to “cool down or lower their vibrations” in order to find their future bodies. The primary Sparks will continue to multiply through the Cosmos and remaining there and transforming themselves into Sidereal Engineers, with their other subdivisions of responsibilities for the Universe, the secondary ones generate those Entities called Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim and others of the same carat and vibration, yet the tertiary forces generate the Elementals over each element and over the fauna and flora, both in the seas and in the planetary crust, and the subsequent ones will generate the Sparks of rational human beings. As can be observed, there is an enormous hierarchy between man and the Creator.

The Secondary Sparks, together with the Tertiary ones, are responsible for helping in the conformation of the psychospheres, or parallel worlds to the planets, and their maintenance and alteration. Before that, they will have already formed elements such as: the crust, the sea, rivers, air and fire, honing the planet for millennia until the “habitat” is able to receive the various types of life. This could take millions of years until this process and the various “habitats” are ready for the reception of the Human Spark, which will look for the best and most suitable elements for the constitution and agglutination of cells and molecules for the formation of its psyche and its first body, which on Earth originated from organisms coming from the sea, perhaps some batrachian, and which took another thousand years, leaving and returning to the sea until it was able to remain inhabiting the Earth’s crust. Subsequently, there was a kind of symbiosis between the three camps; the Spark in itself, the astral or invisible psychosphere and the physisphere, that is the visible physical “habitat”, or third dimension therefore, hence, in this universal immensity, the existence of many different types of dwellings with their respective multifaceted types of residents.

No less evolved Spark, be it alive or perispiritual, has the gift, the power and even the presumption to presuppose or prejudge or even combat the real existence of these many different abodes, since having not reached the knowledge and spiritual wisdom adequate to certify about the degrees or levels immediately above them, however, everyone has the right to want to know more in order to know and try to reach them, as well as the parallel universes.

When a Spark manages to form its psychosomatic set, which is the body, the mind and the Perispirit, on evolving planets such as Earth, which is younger and a more rustic planetary than many others in our Solar System, it does so with its primary rational and develops it according to its “habitat” and necessitates to be helped by other more evolved spiritual and extraterrestrial minds, in order to achieve its rational and relatively independent emancipation. This means that, even though the Spark has been generated recently by the Central Core, it is still brutish, raw and even naive, requiring adaptability in the use of its psychosomatic set and a lot of experience in its “habitat”, to then start its intelligent life itself. However, before using its physical body, the Spark will remain for a varied time in the Middle Astral of the Earth, on the Earth’s crust, working and being worked, acquiring energetic particles and materials to better adapt when trying to produce its visible fetus, inside of a maternal uterus, which is also still rustic and will function in a kind of animalistic manner so that the Spark is not rejected, because the more it evolves, the greater the distance that will separate it from the new fetus. After the first birth and then the first disincarnation, the Spark will be made up of its human biotype, with its genetic root, internal and external organs and other details, which will start the family tree for its descendants, who will alternate and add to the new physiques (yours and others), during their thousands of incarnations and disincarnations, which they will have to go through until they reach the highest degree of perfection and accommodations in their “habitat”, necessary for the reciprocal transformations for the better. Then appear the figures of Primates, Homo Sapiens, the caveman, more like an ape than a person, crude, and his reasoning and vocal cords will still be flickering for a long time, but he will have his primary instincts surfaced, such as vision, hearing, smell, tasting, sexuality, so that they are given opportunities for procreation; kidney and intestinal functioning that will lead to physiological needs, which will initially deprive them of creativity and discoveries and inventability, until others more advanced, coming from outside the Earth, sometimes exiled from their planets, other times missionaries of Good, who come to inspire to new social and scientific achievements and planetary progress. It will be for a long time, naive and devoid of the self-defense instinct that will be more directed to fear, to the dread of everything that is unknown to it, with that it withdraws and at the same time makes it hide in its caves until everything passes! What they’ve been doing so far, by the way!

After hundreds of years of rebirths and new sedimentations both in the physical and in the Perispirit, both in the visible and invisible “habitat”, reasoning and thoughts will begin from there, positive and negative, depending on the regions, favorable or inhospitable and of settled customs. Predominating waves of negative thoughts; consequently, the reasonings will also have been negative, because for those beings to survive in those hostile environments, they will have to be stronger, more powerful, as they will need to fight to feed themselves, they will have to hunt their prey with their own hands and with rustic weapons. They will turn against their fellow men and know sudden death, murder, and vengeful instincts. They will often be devoured by the animals they tried to hunt. In those moments, the Law of Cause and Effect, the Karmic Law, is generated, involving all negative thoughts in conflict, which vibrate to Space and are registered in the Etheric Memory of Planet Earth and in the Universal “Akashic Records” and on the auras of each offender, whether executioners or victims, who absorb them and throw them back against each one, to reap it at the precise moment when each one is magnetically unguarded, either in the physical or in the Perispirit and the sum of all these negative emanations will accumulate in the magnetic aura of planet Earth, which will reflect to other extraterrestrial visitors and their ultrasensitive ships as being a deleterious energy, which will make them take the necessary precautions when entering the Earth’s atmosphere, as all physical and psychic traumas emanating from those sick minds will remain over the ships, which had their force fields turned off or in low vibration, like a stain (a taint), producing organic micro-bacterias and energy sources that will irreparably contaminate their crews. Then, for those human beings in shock, the so-called “karmic-snowball”, or the imperious force of destiny, by which fatally, rational individuals or not, will reap “in the certain time” that which was planted “in the uncertain time”. This also occurs among animal beings, which even though they are “irrational” sow for themselves and for their “habitats” their complete extermination and the eradication of their species, through the natural course of evolutionary progress.

On planets that are already quite technically evolved, such as the planet Pluto, its inhabitants are able, through their deep knowledge of genetic engineering, to divert the course of the return waves, for determined times, caused by their physical and mental disorders; however, they do not manage to circumvent the Law of Cause and Effect [the Karmic Law], as there will always be the time to settle accounts with it, if it is not on the same planet where they inhabit, because there they will count with the intelligences used to these genetic adjustments, the planet itself will be sentenced as a whole and can be expelled from the planetary orbit, or they will be exiled to lower planets, according to their acts or affinities, and in them, they will start all over again and without the protection of their Science. Here, the saying that says: “Divine justice is delayed, but it is not denied!” applies well. Or the other: “To each one, according to his works!”. The sentence written by this sensitive is also very useful: “Woe to you or fortunate to you, when your past meets your present!”, that is, the mathematical algebra, where equal signs are added, and the different signs are diminished, prevailing the sign of the greater. To finish this explanation: “To each action, a reaction in the opposite direction of the same weight and value!”.

¹ Here, where the asexuality of God — more properly called Central Cosmic Nucleus or Source of All Things — having omnipresence and omniscience everywhere, we make references to “God” as “he”, male, only for earthly language accommodation.

Translated by Christina Chalréo Breault on July 28, 2022

Hand Reading by Chris: Analysis of the Hand, Fingers, Mounts, Lines & more!

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Born in 1935, Domingos Yezzi, a retired Brazilian musician and author contactee, studied Parapsychology and Paranormal Development, while aligning the facts that had been occurring since his eight years of age, in relation to clairvoyance, auric field vision, and direct contacts with beings from other planets. With his late first wife, he did more than 36 years of studies and cataloging his various experienced phenomenologies.

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