Quick Analysis of Alex Jones’ Hand

Palmistry Case Study: A Quick Analysis of Alex Jones’s Hand

Observations of Alex Jones’s Right Hand – A Quick Palmistry Analysis

UPDATE: The links below confirm my analysis.

Alex Jones is an American radio show host and conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which used to be streamed also on social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook, among others, from where he was banned last month.

He was recently video recorded while heckling US Senator Marco Rubio, from where I observed his right hand and this is my brief analysis.

Palmistry Case Study: A Quirck Analysis of Alex Jones' Hand
Alex Jones’ video interrupting Senator Marco Rubio

The Hand

The hand is of a square shape with a bulging percussion, which denotes a mix of a practical and yet emotional individual, someone with a practical approach to life but with a protruded level of emotions added. He’s led by emotions but wants to do what’s easiest and most practical.

The hand is of Fire Element and Square Type, which defines the above mentioned traits. Fire hand folks are ambitious, explosive and restless. Square hand people are restricted from new ideas and are not open minded.

The Fingers

With the exception of the first, the fingers are crooked and they are of a square shape.

1st Finger: The first finger shows someone who is ambitious, enjoys leadership roles and can actually be a likable leader as he is easy to talk to. The extra-long 2nd phalanx of this finger indicates vanity.

2nd Finger: The second finger is crooked, which means, according to palmistry, hysteria and murderous tendencies. The inclination of this finger towards the 3rd finger indicates he doesn’t mind a notorious life, even at the cost of bad reputation. The extra-long 2nd phalanx of this finger shows someone extra-preoccupied with his commerce.

3rd Finger: The third finger is also crooked, which in palmistry indicates someone who uses arts and creativity for ill purposes. Its inclination towards the little finger confirms the tendency to use arts and creativity solely for profit, which is further confirmed by the extra length of the 2nd phalanx of this finger. The length of this finger shows someone who enjoys taking high risks and gambling.

4th Finger: The fourth finger is likewise crooked, indicating a dishonest carrier and his desire for profit is seen by the outward inclination. When the 4th finger points outward, it means a high level of intelligence, and it can also indicate homosexual tendencies. The length of this finger shows shrewdness and eloquence.

The Thumb

The thumb seems stiff and short, which indicates a rigid and stubborn personality, closed to new ideas and someone who does not listen to counsel. If the 1st phalanx is indeed longer, as the image seems to show, it means a tendency to be oppressive and domineering.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be viewed as factual and errors are possible, considering that the hand image is not of optimal quality and has not been personally examined. This is intended for students and lovers of palmistry to understand and practice hand analysis.

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