Rahu (Northern Lunar Node)

Rahu (Northern Lunar Node)

Rahu (Northern Lunar Node)
Rahu (Northern Lunar Node)

Rahu is the point in the zodiac where the paths of the Sun and the Moon cross. If the Sun and Moon in their movement meet in this point, then an eclipse takes place. Eclipses “seize” the light of the Sun or the Moon, and it is this seizing quality that is characteristic for Rahu. Rahu is not an actual planet-ball, as the other planets are, but a point in space that is of great influence. The nodes Rahu and Ketu are always opposite each other in the Zodiac. They are calculated from the orbits of the Sun and Moon in relation to the Earth. They are gravitational line up points. They cause the Moon to actually wobble in it’s orbit.

It is a scientific fact, that when the Moon gets close to the nodes in it’s real orbit, that it wobbles due to the gravitational pull of the point. So, when in a chart we see that the person was born at a time when the Moon was close to one of the nodes (Rahu or Ketu) that the mind is disturbed, since the Moon rules the mind. This is a fact which you will see played out in the lives of those who have this. Since the nodes occupy two signs, roughly one sixth of the population has this. However, it is strongest when the Moon is really close to the Node it conjoins — or in other words, when the two are close by degrees within the sign — say within 5 degrees of each other. Then the effects become pronounced.

Rahu’s nature is that of anger, upsetness, anxiety, suddenness and other things which we would feel if we got our heads cut off right when we were getting something we wanted. Think of it: Just when you are about to get what you always wanted, right then something comes to totally ruin your plans. But, the secret is this: Anyone who is killed by the weapon of Vishnu is also highly benefited spiritually, so this plays out in our lives as well. So, the effects of Rahu can be said like this: Painful and troublesome, but ultimately for a higher cause.

Rahu signifies: Fame, extremes, foreigners and foreign lands, fulfillment of worldly desires, status, prestige, power, worldly success, outer success with inner turmoil, obsession, addictions, psychic, disturbances, collective trends, disturbances, poisons that destroy and heal, medicine, drugs and alcohol.

Rahu (N. Node)
Ruling Sign N/A
Sign of Exaltation Taurus
Sign of Debilitation Scorpio
Moolatrikona Sign Cancer
Nature Malefic
Houses of Aspect 1 and arguably 5, 7, 9
Directional Strength (DigBala) 6th House
Directional Weakness (asleep) 12th House
Day N/A
Friends Mercury, Venus, Saturn
Enemies Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Period in a Sign 1.8 years
Medical Astrology Plagues, epidemics, possessions, manic depression, insanity, addictions,
hormonal imbalances, suicide, insomnia, hysteria, neurosis, nervous disorders, cancer
Main Signification Karma, eccentricities, disturbances, foreign things
Gemstone Hessonite Garnet (Gomehda)
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