Reaching Levels of Evolved Planets
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Reaching Levels of Evolved Planets

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Regarding the spherical plane, what is still missing [for us] to reach other levels of evolved planets? For example, I once read in a book that there are planets where inhabiting beings do not feel hungry, do not have diseases like here, there are no corruptions through money, greed and their technologies are much superior to ours. Is there a link or file that explains this?


It is true, there are such civilizations within our Solar System. For example; the inhabitants of Venus, Mars, Mercury and Pluto have only the stomach and urinary system and do not evacuate! They eat jellies made from fruits and the residual, if any, comes out through the pores. Therefore, a terrestrial being who feeds on the most varied fatty components, would not be able to go two days without eating his large steaks, vast pastas and many other foods, such as, for example, hunts of the most varied, highly alcoholic drinks, let alone run out of food, be without intestines and dieting, etc., would surely die. Therefore, to reach the level of life of highly evolved inhabitants in everything and for everything, they will have to be reborn in the new generation that will already come with an appropriate physical body! And that is merely impossible these days! That’s why it is necessary, the period of physical, mental and spiritual genetic mutation that is coming, which will not be easy and will cost earthlings a lot of pain!

From the year 2022 onwards, there will be the period of Systole — when humanity will perceive a slow and gradual state of contraction of everything that surrounds it, from its social, political, industrial, commercial, medical, scientific, tourism, hospitals, and even agronomy! For after this Systole, right after entering the period of Diastole, where everything will swell and turn upside down, each being wanting to get rid of, or [those] thinking that they will still [be able to] take their riches and their properties! We will see priests of all religions, all without exception, tearing their cassocks, trying to rape those who pass by them, saying they are shocked and regretful of dedicating themselves to the clergy, to religion itself, and what they gained was only disappointment, only deception, only illusion and lies upon lies! From what I was shown mentally, it will be terrifying!

~ DYezzi::., São Paulo – DC – Brazil, July 17, 2020 [Translated by Chris Breault]

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Retired Musician, Contactee Author

Born in 1935, Domingos Yezzi, a retired Brazilian musician and author contactee, studied Parapsychology and Paranormal Development, while aligning the facts that had been occurring since his eight years of age, in relation to clairvoyance, auric field vision, and direct contacts with beings from other planets. With his late first wife, he did more than 36 years of studies and cataloging his various experienced phenomenologies.

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