Revenge or Justice?
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Revenge or Justice?

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Dear friend Domingos, I want to ask you an important question, regarding the passage of Sidérius [also known as Nibiru] through Earth, which the Zetas are saying will occur by 2026 at the latest. As we know, and the Zetas confirm, assistance will be given according to the energetic (spiritual) orientation of each one, where positive and good beings will be separated from negative and evil beings. With that we ask ourselves, am I a being of good or a being of evil? The Zetas say that desires for revenge put us in alignment with negative energies and therefore evil beings that we attract, even those disembodied [spirits], due to this energy. With that in mind, I ask you, would the desire of justice for the atrocities committed against us be a desire for revenge? That is, what is the difference between justice and revenge?

Thank you very much in advance for any clarification you can provide on this topic.

Warm hugs!

~ Christina Breault – Tennessee, USA


Christina, what will count is our harmony with BENEVOLENCE! In this way, wanting justice cannot be considered evil, otherwise, everything that is evil will prevail! The same can be said about those who defend themselves so as not to lose their life! Everything must walk harmoniously, trying to soften and deviate from everything that attracts us to the negative. Therefore, you who are connoisseurs of the karmic force, know that what is planted is reaped sooner or later! But, in this world, there has to be self-defense, because karma makes us bump into people who are fond of evil, and if we don’t take proper care, they will cause us unexpected harm. Of course, we will find ahead of us karmic effects from past lives, which, as a magnet, seek to magnetize on those who have the same attunements. Therefore, we must try to deviate from moments, people and others that can lead us to leave our positive path. IT’S GONNA BE HARD! BUT WE HAVE TO DO IT IF WE WANT TO SURVIVE!

The desire for revenge and the desire for justice go hand in hand and can lead us to practice non-positive acts. In this way, our “habitat” and our customs will form our karma, and this will lead us against the most absurd feelings and events! We have to exempt ourselves from them, just as the Buddhist monks in Tibet [try to] do! But, here it is not possible due to the turmoil of life we lead. We have to believe in Divine Justice, which takes time but does not fail! The rest is from the intimate forum of each one, who will be responsible for future actions!

~ Domingos Yezzi – São Paulo, Brazil

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