Roots of Sexuality
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Roots of Sexuality

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Homosexuality, lesbianism, have their deep causes in the Perispirit, which had a different sexuality from the one he had to assume now, through karma or mission, however, he kept all the desires and impulses and mannerisms of his sexual function on his psyche, and, still by karma, his current parents discouraged his current sexuality when he was still in the initial period of the formation of his sexual functions, which could not be fully established, causing him serious distortions and consequent dysfunctions, making him a hybrid and with tendencies to like others of the same sex, that is, the sex he previously had.

To put in details: if the Perispirit previously assumed, in the previous reincarnation, a female gender, and that for whatever reason, karmic or not, had to assume a male gender and didn’t have enough time and wasn’t even helped to adjust to this new sexuality, when from inside the mother’s womb he heard his parents affirm and confirm that that new child would be a woman, would be a woman! He, as if disappointed, as he was being trained to be a man, was unable to free himself from his previous sexuality, when he was a woman; in this way, he comes with his masculine genitals, but internally, in his psyche, he preserves feminine desires and inductions and acts as such; it becomes a family and a social aberration, and as these anomalies are growing alarmingly, day by day, there is no other social solution other than the formation of like-minded groups. Thus, it occurs equally in number and degree for the distortions of lesbianism. All these pictures of sexual and hormonal dysfunctions, whose carriers suffer for not being able to openly confess their disorders, become victims of exclusion by society, which only accepts them almost without restrictions, when they are rich and belong to the so-called upper classes, of the same society. …

The cure and solution for these distortions can be carried out, in our view, through the use of memory regression of the carriers, by magnetic or chemical hypnotic means, causing the Perispirit to return to the maternal uterus and before it, when it was preparing to reincarnate, and induce him to assume the sexuality and sex with which he has now been constituted. We are almost absolutely certain that the results will be positive, both for patients and for the family and society. The same type of treatment can be used to cure other psychotic and mental disorders, as well as various and inexplicable phobias, endocrine disorders and morbid obesity and the opposite, which is anorexia. All addictions and diseases of psychic origin, such as [addictions to] alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and behaviors of vicious sexual aberrations, can be treated through regressive hypnosis, with results never foreseen by Medicine. The Perispirit, together with the etheric double, can be momentarily removed from the patient’s physique, restorative magnetic waves will be administered on him and magnetic passes must be administered on the body in lethargy through a powerful medium, making the recipient that is the body and the vibrating energy that is the Perispirit gradually fit together, and both begin to dominate and positively control what was previously a disturbance. At the same time, work should be done to raise awareness and apply the concept of forgiveness, distribution, acceptance and application, through the vibratory force of the word, which will act as an element of connection, inner peace, benevolence and tolerance of the psychosomatic group that is being worked with the outside world.

As we have already explained and emphasized here, the etheric double “dies”, so to speak, together with the death of the physical body. It completely disappears on the edge of the tomb, then the physical body disintegrates, leaving the Perispirit free, which will follow to the lands of its bad or good, low or high affinities, according to its intimate vibratory content, which can be negative or positive. …

… the Entity that is going to reincarnate, after having almost sublimated itself, will have to “die” in the Astral, leave friends and idyllic places of peace, of conscious reunions, from where it would no longer like to leave and go through painful goodbyes, more painful than when she/he was alive before, to return to the heavy and unconscious world of physical forms, to which, perhaps, she/he no longer wanted to return, because now she/he will “descend” into the “dark” without knowing exactly what awaits her/him, and without knowing if he/she will be able to reach her/his goals, since her/his destiny or her/his karma will be placed in front of her/him, in confrontation with her/his victims and with her/his executioners. She/He will have to implement and seek forgiveness from everyone, spontaneously, however, continue imbued with goodwill, courage and resignation, but when faced with any of them, she/he is either abruptly terminated or makes the same or greater mistakes, having to start over, from the beginning again, with the watchful eye and patient help of her/his Spiritual Mentors. …

… it will be himself [The Perispirit] and no one else who will pulse into the womb of his next mother, all his spiritual karmic content, he will be the one who will draw the lines on the palms of his future fetus, and they will be the map of his destiny, which can only be understood by those who has the gift and knowledge to be able to read them, however, they may undergo mutations according to their actions in the world of the third dimension and the personal conduct of their free will. In this way, “the way it was written”, or “maktub”, of the Arabs, will prevail and have a mathematical foundation, and his new physical body will come prepared for the fulfillment of a kind of “quantum” determinism, which only he personally can do, change for better or worse, that is, despite already having its destiny traced, it will be able to soften and improve it with appropriate actions; therefore, it can be said, that there will be no interference from any Greater Power, to free the Perispirit of the harm he has caused to himself or to others …

~ Domingos Yezzi [Translated by Chris Breault]

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