Saturn & Moon Conjunction
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Saturn & Moon Conjunction

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Visha Yoga is the combination of Saturn and Moon in a horoscope. Visha means poison and this yoga can act as poison in the life of an individual. This yoga occurs every 27 days as it takes 27 days for the Moon to complete its rotation of earth and go over the twelve signs in a horoscope. During the ~2½ days of every month when this conjunction occurs, making decisions should be avoided as they will bring stress.

Visha Yoga is also called Shani-Chandra Yoga in Vedic Astrology and it happens when in the main chart (D1), Saturn and Moon are conjunct in the same sign, or are in mutual aspect — that is, opposing each other —, or are exchanging signs or Nakshatras. If this combination is happening in another divisional chart, the native will have negative thoughts related to that chart. Therefore, if it’s in the D9, the native will be negative in relation to marriage, if in the D10, it will cause negative thoughts related to the career and so forth.

The effects of this yoga are generally bad, but the intensity depends on individual factors of a person’s horoscope. For example, if the conjunction is less than 12 degrees apart, then it’s really bad; and if it’s in signs enemies to both Moon and Saturn, such as Scorpio, it’s very bad or even worse if this is happening in the 6th, 8th or 12th house. The condition can deteriorate even more if other malefics or inimical planets are conjunct as well, such as Mars, Rahu and Ketu, to which remedies are very much required to alleviate or lessen the condition, including psychological therapy.

Natives with this conjunction are afflicted with emotional and mental conditions where they regularly make a tempest out of every drip of rain, seeing problems where there isn’t any and none where there is, inclining them to all sorts of self-destructive behavior and attachments to toxic circumstances and harmful companions.

From an astrological perspective, Saturn represents poisonous gases among other substances, while Moon, representing illusion and unstable waters, causes tides and ebbs in the ocean as well as ups and downs in one’s body and mind. Therefore, Saturn poisons the mind and emotions represented by Moon. Saturn also represents fear, coldness (insensitivity), oppression, scarcity, poverty and hard work, while Moon represents emotions, unrequited love, affection and mother. These two planets are polarly opposites in characteristics and personality and when they come together in a horoscope the collision of the opposing polarities occur, as a simultaneous push-pull force between high and slow speed and a disparity between actions and thoughts, resulting in confusion, depression and self-defeat. These natives struggle in matters of love, relationships and overall success in life; especially if they don’t seek help and remedies to improve their condition.

Effects of Visha Yoga

Saturn as a natural malefic is a cruel planet and when is associated with Moon (mind, emotions, mother), makes the afflicted native cruel as well, to self and others. This conjunction also makes the native an oppressor, abuser of self and others and even sadistic sometimes, particularly if other malefics join this conjunction. Natives afflicted with this yoga tend to be harsh in speech and if Mars is influencing, then the native will also be a debauch. The association of Saturn and Moon with Rahu, either by conjunction or aspect, is an indication of very bad karmas from past lives.

Placement of Visha Yoga

HouseEffects by Position of Visha Yoga
1stConfusion, depression, constant suspicion, lack of self-confidence, migraines.
2ndLack of money, over spending, distance from family, negative and foul speech, constant lying, bad breath/teeth.
3rdInaction, constant doubting, lack of enthusiasm, disputes between siblings, obstacles in traveling, breathing and lung problems.
4thDomestic infelicity, troubles with mother, hinderances in moveable and immovable property, water leaks in the dwelling, mind always occupied by negative deep thinking.
5thHinderances in child birth and higher education, conflicts with children, ancestral curses, bad past karma, losses in investments, egoistic and envious attitude.
6thAcquired enemies due to own thoughts and speech, misdiagnoses and unidentifiable diseases, always in debt, job instability, defeats in litigation.
7thUnsuccessful partnerships, disputes with spouse, distrusting of partners, untruthful, incapable of a public life due to constant negativity.
8thSuicide tendencies, ongoing accidents or crisis, sudden bad events, conflicts with in-laws, hinderances or obstacles in sudden gains, interest but failures in occult matters.
9thAbsence of luck, religious/spiritual disbeliefs, unable to identify problems, difficulties in long distance traveling or foreign settlement, disputes with gurus / teachers.
10thNo public recognition, risks of defamation due to constant untruthfulness, government punishment, defeat in politics, uncertainties and instabilities in career, disputes with father.
11thUnfulfilled desires, lack of friends, unhappiness from siblings due to always deceiving them, no social gains/status.
12thUncontrolled expenditures, dissatisfaction in spending, sudden losses of money, no sexual pleasure, ups and downs in health, punishment by nature (natural calamity), possibility of imprisonment.

Improvements for Visha Yoga

The ill conditions of this Yoga can be decreased and improved by other combinations and conditions in one’s horoscope. For example, the influence of Jupiter will help to lessen the bad effects of the conjunction, particularly if it’s in a sign owned by a natural benefic planet (Jupiter, Venus, Mercury), such as Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, where Taurus and Libra are especially helpful as being friendly and exaltation signs of Moon and Saturn, respectively. Signs of water and fire elements are not as helpful as air and earth signs for the conjunction of Saturn and Moon, and this same rule applies to influencing planets owning these signs. Also, the house where this conjunction is happening can decrease the bad effects if it’s in a Kendra (Angle) or Trikona (Trine) house. Other combinations, such as Yogas of cancellation of ills, can greatly improve the malefic effects of Visha Yoga — for example, if the conjunction is in Scorpio but Mars is exalted and/or in Kendra house, then this greatly diminishes the bad effects. Additionally, if the D9 chart has a better scenario, it will decrease the bad effects of this conjunction, particularly after the age of 36.

To lessen the ill effects, the native with this conjunction should focus and make efforts on the things represented by the planet with the higher degree in the conjunction, which is the stronger over the other. If Saturn is the stronger planet by degree, then the native should focus and make efforts towards the fulfillment of responsibilities and duties mandated by Saturn irrespective of feelings. If Moon is the planet holding the higher degree, therefore stronger in the conjunction, then Moon assignments of caring emotions and love should be the focus and the leading efforts by the native.

Powerful Vedic Remedies

Fasting on Mondays or avoid animal-based food, milk and dairy products is a good remedy for Moon, along with donating fruits or vegetable-based food to poor children and/or women. People with this conjunction should never ingest milk and milk-based products.

On every Full Moon, get a shallow plate deep enough to be filled with enough water to allow the Full Moon light to reflect upon it and, while you hold it at eye level in offering to the Moon, recite the mantra OM TAT SAT. This can be done by a window but it’s best if it’s done outside and, better yet, it is to go by the edge of a river, lake or sea (in which case the plate is not necessary) and recite this mantra by the reflecting light of the Full Moon on the water.

To remedy the ill effects of Saturn, fasting on Saturdays or avoid meat, along with feeding small animals — birds especially, but also strayed cats and dogs — is an advisable and excellent remedy.

People with this conjunction should always try to keep a good relationship with their mother and servants. They also should always clean their own bathroom and toilet as this is an excellent remedy for both Saturn and Moon together.

The best remedy of all is our actions of charity and love to all beings — particularly children and the elderly —, which solve not only our own karmic problems but also benefit others around us.

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