The Separation of The “Chaff” from The “Wheat” Explained
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Separation of The “Chaff” from The “Wheat”

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Good evening, Domingos, how are you?

I come here to ask you a question regarding the approaching cosmic explosion. With Siderius and Nibiru becoming a second Sun¹, will there be a big explosion and separation of levels of consciousness, of bad and good people?

What dimension are Mars and Venus in?

Will Crystal and Indigo children be automatically taken to more evolved spheres and planets, [by] such as the so-called rapture?

Thanks for your attention.

~ Zack M.


Dear Zack,

There will be no explosion! Siderius, which is approaching, will have its upper layers activated upon entering our solar system, just as our Sun does. It will come “turned on,” the reason why, over a period of approximately three years, which is the time, more or less, it will take to go through and modify our System and divide it into two Systems, (see the division in my first book, [image below]); hence it [Nibiru] is being called the Second Sun, consequently, as it comes in an orbit opposite to our Sun, it will emit a triple heat on all the planets and their inhabitants. In this way, the Earth, which already has its atmospheric layers and ozone layer weakened, will receive all the radiation in very strong doses from both Suns and this will cause the extinction of all or almost all types of life within the planet Earth. During its passage, it will move the Sun away from its current orbit and with it some planets that will be connected to it, and Jupiter with other planets that will be connected to it. The two new solar systems will then be born, which will move away from each other for billions of kilometers in outer space, inside Our Galaxy, the Milky Way. During this time of its passage and the generalized transformations in our System, as the Earth’s axis will become vertical, changing its position in space, it will seem to its inhabitants that the stars are descending from Heaven, like a fig tree when it loses its fruits shaken by strong wind, as John the Evangelist narrates in chapters of the Apocalypse. And during this time of changes, while each planet does not join its new Suns, [that is] the Sun and the planet Jupiter, there will be total darkness and at the same time a terrible cold, which, together with the previous enormous heat, will be responsible for eliminating all types of life on Earth!

All this has already been foreseen by several higher spirits, seers and clairvoyants, ancient civilizations such as the Atlanteans, the Lemurians, the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Incas, the Greeks and many others, including the Jews, because John the Evangelist was Jew, Nostradamus who was French and many others, but no one listened to them, much less gave value to their predictions, unfortunately! However, now, you have never seen so many people interested in them! Who knows, there will still be time for a quick renewal of actions, ideas and objectives, before the arrival of Siderius, which will not take long.

Venus and Mars, as well as Mercury, Saturn, Aga, Oswen, Uranus and Neptune, are already with their humanities in a high vibratory degree and will not clash with the negative aura of Siderius, they will go on to their new phases, unscathed!

Not only Indigo children, but also [some] humans and other ordinary children, will also be abducted into the giant ships that are already being sighted entering our Sun and stationed on the fringes of our Solar System!


~ Domingos Yezzi::. [Translated by Chris Breault]

¹ Siderius and Nibiru are one and the same and they are not becoming a second Sun. It is Jupiter that’s becoming a 2nd Sun, of the new Solar System to be born. The “Second Sun” referred to by the questioner as Nibiru is explained by Domingos Yezzi, a Brazilian contactee.

New Solar System according to contactee Domingos Yezzi
Subdivision of our solar system in two new solar systems after the passage of the gigantic planet Siderius, a/k/a Nibiru. (Data provided by Ink of the planet Aga, through contactee Domingos Yezzi). Compiled by Domingos Yezzi and Reproduced by Christina C. Breault.

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