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Nadi Horoscope Report


Complete Nadi astrological report + (optional) answered questions. See details below.

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Date, time and location of birth

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Complete astrological report according to the Nadi System of Vedic Astrology. In addition to the full astrological report, the buyer has the option of asking specific question(s).

  • Complete Nadi Kundli Data
  • Lagna (Ascendant), Karma Lagna & Transit Charts
  • Nadi Movement & Progression Charts
  • Dasha Tables (Vimshottari, Ashottari, Yogini & Bhrigu Ashtottari)
  • Transits of all Planets for Lagna & Nakshatras
  • Planetary Predictions & Remedies
  • Nadi Yogas formations of each Planet
  • Detailed results of your Lunar Nakshatra and Name Recommendation
  • Predictions for All Planetary Conjunctions
  • Yearly Predictions for each Planet
  • Gem-Stone for Life Predictions & Recommendations
  • Bhrigu Yoga Predictions
  • Nadi Yoga Predictions
  • Answers to specific questions (optional)
  • Approximately 85 pages!

The final product will be a digital file, in PDF format, sent to the buyer’s email and downloadable from a location provided, within 3 to 5 business days excluding weekends and local holidays. Add 1 day to this time-frame for each question asked. The report is computerized; the answers to specific questions are not.

Size Chart

1 PDF file with approximately 85 pages