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Astro-Palmistry Report¹ based on Vedic Astrology from the Lal Kitab² system. Details below.

Active Hand Photo * 

Send a photo of the palm of the hand used to write with. The photo must be in high resolution and must not exceed 16MB in file byte size.

(max file size 16 MB)

Native’s Name * 

Name of the native to whom the report is for

Date of Birth

Complete date of birth (if known)

Time of Birth

Hour & Minute of Birth (if known)

Place of Birth

City, State & Country of Birth

Biological Gender

Indicate the biological gender at the time of birth (regardless of sexual orientation/change)


Select the choices below to optionally send questions

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Astro-Palmistry Report¹ based on Vedic Astrology from the Lal Kitab² system. In addition to the report, the buyer of this service has the option to ask specific question(s). The service includes the following:

  • Complete Horoscope Data and Charts (Ascendant, Moon, Navamsha and Current Transit).
  • Lal-Kitab Kundali Planetary Positions and Dispositions.
  • Automated drawings of hand lines and signs according to the native’s planetary positions.
  • Effects of Planetary Positions and Recommendations.
  • Answers to specific questions. (optional)
  • ± 17 pages

The final product will be a digital file, in PDF format, sent to the buyer’s email and downloadable from a location provided, within 3 to 5 business days, excluding weekends and local holidays. Add 1 day to this time-frame for each question asked.

¹ Based on Vedic Astrology System
² Lal Kitab (Hindi: बाल किताब, Urdu: لالکتاب, literally Red Book) is a set of five Urdu language books on Astrology and palmistry, written in the 19th century, based on the Samudrika Shastra. [Source]

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