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Vedic Horoscope Report


Vedic Horoscope report + answer(s) to any question (optional). Details below.

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Horoscope report based on Vedic Astrology, in English and computerized. This comprehensive yet simplified report includes the following:

  • Charts and complete technical data of the horoscope.
  • Color chart of Planetary Effects for the current Year.
  • Effects of all your Planetary Nakshatras (not just Moon).
  • Effects of Planets on the horoscope’s Houses.
  • Effects of the Lords on the horoscope’s Houses.
  • Effects of UpaGraphas¹ on the horoscope’s Houses.
  • Effects of your Yogas Phal Deepika on the horoscope.
  • Your Astrocartography for relocation recommendation.
  • Answers to the specific or open question. (optional)
  • Approximately 25 pages

The final product will be a digital file, in PDF format, sent to the buyer’s email. Delivery time-frame is 3 to 5 working days, excluding weekends and local holidays. Add 1 business day to the time-frame for each specific question asked.

¹ In Indian astrology, the term Upagraha (Sanskrit: उपग्रह) refers to the so-called “shadow planets” (chayagrahas) that are actually mathematical points same as the two Lunar nodes — Rahu and Ketu are. These are portions belonging to the Sun and other planets respectively and produce painful consequences. The classic writers like Parashara and Varahamihira do not include their influences as do later writers like Vankatesa Sarma, author of Sarvartha Chintamani.

Size Chart

Approximately 25 Pages PDF file