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Spiritual Vampires

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I read about evil souls who, like spiritual vampires, literally harvest ignorant/unsuspecting souls (their life force) and that humanity finds itself in the midst of such an occurrence. True?


Yes. Today’s humanity is experiencing this terrible situation at this moment in the 21st century, because in addition to providing an environment for weedy souls to interpenetrate its bosom, it is now more than ever weakened, without its own spiritual defenses, and without its antibodies, which allows the great and dangerous spread of COVID-19, which is, so to speak, mass cleaning and placing these people at the mercy of those evil entities!

~ Domingos Yezzi – São Paulo, Brazil (November 15, 2020)
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Born in 1935, Domingos Yezzi, a retired Brazilian musician and author contactee, studied Parapsychology and Paranormal Development, while aligning the facts that had been occurring since his eight years of age, in relation to clairvoyance, auric field vision, and direct contacts with beings from other planets. With his late first wife, he did more than 36 years of studies and cataloging his various experienced phenomenologies.
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