Sun (Surya)

Sun (Surya)

Sun (Surya)
Sun (Surya)

The Sun is the center of the Solar System of planets used in Vedic Astrology. Therefore the Sun rules all types of central things such as the central government, the centrally powerful person in an organization, and so forth. In ourselves, the Sun rules our center, which is our soul. The Sun is the source of light for all other planets and beings, so the Sun rules in astrology our center of energy. As the source of energy in the Universe, so from the Sun’s placement in our charts we judge our level of energy.

The Sun represents the soul, the ego and the body of the individual, and therefore its placement is of great importance. The Sun is best placed in Mesha (Aries) where it is called exalted. Opposite from there, in Tula (Libra) it is least auspicious and called debilitated. The sun is Lord of the sign Simha (Leo) and also of the house where Simha is located.

Sun signifies: (Atma) Self, masculine, future, soul, physical body and health, heart, life force, courage, ambitions, pride, dignity, ego, vitality, will power, stamina, sense of self, power, fame, life, health, sovereignty and clothes, glory, inspiration, creativity, self-expression, career, confidence, leadership, Father, teachers, authority, law and order, bosses, political leader, Kings or Presidents. It has anger but momentary. It’s element is gold. East is represented by sun.

SUN (Surya)
Ruling Sign Leo
Sign of Exaltation Aries
Sign of Debilitation Libra
Moolatrikona Sign Leo
Nature Malefic
Houses of Aspect 1 and 7
Directional Strength (DigBala) 10th House
Directional Weakness (asleep) 4th House
Day Sunday
Friends Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Enemies Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
Period in a Sign 30 days
Medical Astrology Heart, blindness, baldness, right eye, headaches
Main Significations Soul, Self, Power, Esteem, Ambition
Gemstone Ruby, Red Garnet
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