The “Passage” from Physical Life to Spiritual Life


“The apparent feeling that we incarnate is that we would be Alive!” That old act of pinching yourself, putting your hands on other people or objects around us and that … Read More

Who Are the Pointy-Head Beings?


As we have previously reported, one of these alien groups were the Fat Snakes depicted in the Dropa stones. This group utilized the trolls, which they brought to Earth as slaves. But … Read More

The End Times Battle Between Good & Evil


“The End Times battles between Good and Evil are most intense when …”… Read More

Anunnaki, Reptilians…


“The positive forces of both the Earth and the Universe are bigger and more powerful than them. …”… Read More

Lucifer… True or Legend?


Good and Evil are fruits of the same Central Cosmic Core… Read More

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