Rules of Engagement

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“Regarding the Rules of Engagement, an issue humans are not much aware of; we …… Read More

A World of Service to Others

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The future Service-to-Others Earth will not be something strange… Read More

Why Would Early Man Cremate Their Dead?

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There are cultures today, in New Guinea, that eat their dead to …… Read More

Lessons of the 4th Density

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“The lessons of 4th Density are more numerous, and bridge to some degree to the goals of 5th Density. In 4th Density the entity is …”… Read More

The Disappearance of Malaysia Airplane

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“… The Bermuda Triangle, which has the same function or phenomena of “swallowing” airplanes and …”… Read More

Akhashic Records

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…The reason you must have been chosen is by your previous akhashic records …… Read More

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