What Is There to Live For?


“… there are huge worries to anyone taking the message semi-seriously, and the first thought is that this is a nightmare to be avoided …”… Read More

The Great Pyramids: Origin & Purpose


Humans ponder the pyramids of Egypt and some similar structures in South and Central America, and wonder how early man could rise or move such large stones?… Read More

Ancient Gods


It is not by accident that the hominoid inhabitants of the 12th Planet look and dress like Greek Gods, the Gods of Mount Olympus, as they are …… Read More

Satanic Rituals


“Invoking the dark forces through magical incantations has been part of man’s history from the start …”… Read More

Anunnaki, Reptilians…


“The positive forces of both the Earth and the Universe are bigger and more powerful than them. …”… Read More

Carnival’s Energy


“God gives us the danger, but also gives us the forms of defense. …:… Read More

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