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How to Detect a Potential Bad Spouse – Part 2

How to Detect a Bad Spouse - Part 2

What’s worse than never getting married? It’s marrying the wrong person!

Vedic Palmistry allows us to foresee a partnership that is potentially a bad choice.

Line of Heart

Line of Heart positioned too close to the Line of Head indicates a carrier who’s more calculating than affectionate.

Line of Head

Line of Head sloping towards the Mount of Moon indicates depression and suicide tendencies.

Line of Head separated up from the Line of Life indicates a carrier who’s Quarrelsome and reckless, someone who does not seek or hear advice.

Line of Union

Absent Line of Union indicates a person who’s uncommitted to their sexual relationships.

Saturn and Sun Fingers

Separation between Saturn and Sun fingers indicates a spender and wasteful carrier.

Mercury Finger

Mercury Finger inclined out of the hand indicates sexual deviations.

Thumb (or Venus Finger)

A Short and Wide Thumb, as well as Short and Wide Nails, indicate Aggressiveness and Stubbornness.

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How to Detect a Potential Bad Spouse

How to Detect a Potential Bad Spouse

What’s worse than never getting married? It’s to marry the wrong person!

Using Vedic Palmistry, we can know if the person we are interested in forming a partnership is a bad choice.

Line of Heart

Line of Heart that ends on Mount of Saturn indicates a Selfish person.

Jupiter Finger

A too long Jupiter Finger indicates someone Tyrannical and Oppressive.

Mercury Finger

A Mercury Finger that’s crooked and/or inclined outward, indicates relationship problems and sexual deviations.

A Mercury Finger that’s crooked indicates a person who’s a Liar and a Swindler.

Mount of Mars

A Mount of Mars that’s too developed indicates a person who’s Quarrelsome and possibly Violent if the hand skin is reddish in color.

Mount of Venus

A Mount of Venus that’s too developed indicates a person who’s too Libidinous and a potential Cheater.

Thumb (or Venus Finger)

A Thumb with a protruded 1st Phalanx indicates a person who’s Violent and Oppressive.

A Thumb that’s short and wide, a/k/a clubbed thumb, indicates a carrier who’s Aggressive and Stubborn.

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Quick Analysis of Alex Jones’ Hand

Palmistry Case Study: A Quick Analysis of Alex Jones’s Hand

Observations of Alex Jones’s Right Hand – A Quick Palmistry Analysis

UPDATE: The links below confirm my analysis.

Alex Jones is an American radio show host and conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which used to be streamed also on social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook, among others, from where he was banned last month.

He was recently video recorded while heckling US Senator Marco Rubio, from where I observed his right hand and this is my brief analysis.

Palmistry Case Study: A Quirck Analysis of Alex Jones' Hand
Alex Jones’ video interrupting Senator Marco Rubio

The Hand

The hand is of a square shape with a bulging percussion, which denotes a mix of a practical and yet emotional individual, someone with a practical approach to life but with a protruded level of emotions added. He’s led by emotions but wants to do what’s easiest and most practical.

The hand is of Fire Element and Square Type, which defines the above mentioned traits. Fire hand folks are ambitious, explosive and restless. Square hand people are restricted from new ideas and are not open minded.

The Fingers

With the exception of the first, the fingers are crooked and they are of a square shape.

1st Finger: The first finger shows someone who is ambitious, enjoys leadership roles and can actually be a likable leader as he is easy to talk to. The extra-long 2nd phalanx of this finger indicates vanity.

2nd Finger: The second finger is crooked, which means, according to palmistry, hysteria and murderous tendencies. The inclination of this finger towards the 3rd finger indicates he doesn’t mind a notorious life, even at the cost of bad reputation. The extra-long 2nd phalanx of this finger shows someone extra-preoccupied with his commerce.

3rd Finger: The third finger is also crooked, which in palmistry indicates someone who uses arts and creativity for ill purposes. Its inclination towards the little finger confirms the tendency to use arts and creativity solely for profit, which is further confirmed by the extra length of the 2nd phalanx of this finger. The length of this finger shows someone who enjoys taking high risks and gambling.

4th Finger: The fourth finger is likewise crooked, indicating a dishonest carrier and his desire for profit is seen by the outward inclination. When the 4th finger points outward, it means a high level of intelligence, and it can also indicate homosexual tendencies. The length of this finger shows shrewdness and eloquence.

The Thumb

The thumb seems stiff and short, which indicates a rigid and stubborn personality, closed to new ideas and someone who does not listen to counsel. If the 1st phalanx is indeed longer, as the image seems to show, it means a tendency to be oppressive and domineering.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for educational and entertainment purposes only. It should not be viewed as factual and errors are possible, considering that the hand image is not of optimal quality and has not been personally examined. This is intended for students and lovers of palmistry to understand and practice hand analysis.
My video analysis of Alex Jones’ Hand

Confirmations of My Analysis

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Meaning of the Simian Line in Palmistry

Meaning of the Simian Line in Palmistry

Having a member of my own family with a Simian Line, I can say that some of the indications mentioned below are most definitely observed in my own experience.

The Single Palmar Crease or Simian Line is the name given to the joining of the heart line and head line. The quadrangle area between the Head Line and Heart Line is lost in such a hand. This line signifies that the bearer’s emotions and mental powers are blended together. Normally, such a person will take things to extreme, they are intensive.  Alternative names for this line are the simian crease, transverse palmar crease and simian fold.

On occasion this line can be related to a serious genetic abnormality, such as down-syndrome. The scientific work in regard to the relationship between the Simian line and congenital research is quite extensive. Purvis-Smith in the Australian Pediatric Journal (1972) wrote an article on his research between the relationship of down syndrome dermatogram. He concluded that there was a close relationship between presence of the Simian Line and the disease.

Research in 1963 by Davies and Smallpiece concluded that there was a high proportion of Simian Lines in newborn babies that suffered neo-natal death or still birth. As far back as 1866 Langdon-down concluded that this line is normally seen in children of the mentally retarded.

There is much evidence that scientifically there is relationship between diseases and palmar creases. In 1971, Chaube arrived at the conclusion that patients with schizophrenic disorders generally have a simian line. They took Palmar prints of 127 patients and 536 normal people to try to understand the differences between those suffering from schizophrenic problems. The summary of the work was that a relationship existed between the Simian Line and their schizophrenic patients. Another test was later carried out by Bali (1983) which came to the same conclusions. In recent times, this line has been documented as a ‘minor physical anomaly’ (MPA) at birth. This means that it is a minor birth mark at birth.

Many palmists always focus the Simian line with the negative influences. Although rare, this line normally appears on people that have a tendency to have problems communicating with other people. The ancient palmists predicted that these people will always have emotional problems. They move from one emotion to another. There is also a strong feeling of enjoying conflict. They are believed to be jealous of other people but they seem to be able to detach themselves when in an argument.

On a positive note, people with this line are normally brilliant in many areas of their life. They focus on work and can be quite loving, caring and happy. The only downfall is that sometimes they focus on one activity too much and find little time for anything else.  If the bearer is religious they may become a fanatic. If the bearer is an accountant he may be a workaholic. If the person is a housewife they may clean all the time… in other words this person gives everything to his or her desires! They have the greatest will of all.

There is a challenge trying to relax, they generally tend to work hard at their careers, having a strong desire for accomplishment. Subjects having this line stand out from the crowd. They are normally found on people from religious backgrounds or specific political groups.

Meaning of the Simian Line in Palmistry

Marginal Tendencies

A person with a Simian line tends to easily lose control and often commit crimes when his/her emotions, feelings and desires are aroused and, thus, such a person is not necessarily a criminal. But if the hand is brutal, the Mount of Venus large, full and red, nails and fingers short, and the mount of Mars is large, he/she will be a criminal who may commit murder to satisfy his/her desires. Such persons are not strong enough to control the passions that rage within them. In a nutshell, the Simian line denotes extremism and single-mindedness.

Persons with such a line have tremendous tenacity or intensity of character, for good or evil. The characteristics of those individuals with a simian line are the equal intensity with which they love or hate. In addition, they are extremely egocentric, generally very “wrapped up” in what they want to the exclusion of everything and everybody. The world exists for them alone, and anything that interferes with their enjoyment of it, or their designs upon it, is pushed ruthlessly out of the way. They have plenty of feelings and their emotions are often violent and unstable. Their feelings are always concerned with themselves.

The Simian line also signifies a great power of concentration. If there are other unfavorable signs in the hand, the person uses mental strength to achieve selfish purposes so cleverly that few will suspect their diabolical aims, and they usually will succeed in avoiding trouble with the law. However, despite their shrewdness, such persons sometimes act like an emotionally immature child.

Source: Aunty Flo


  • Simian Line on Osho's Left Hand
  • Simian Line on Osho's Left Hand
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Occult Talents & Psychic Abilities Shown in Your Hand

Occult Talents & Psychic Abilities Shown in Your Hand

Palmistry has the power to reveal the very talents someone needs to be a palmist or an occultist of some kind. You can discover, in your own hands, if you, or someone you know, have the talents and abilities to be an intuitive healer or professional. This video talks about some of these signs.

Mystic Crosses
An X (cross) in the quadrangle of the hand — the middle region between the lines of heart and mind — below Saturn’s Mount, means occult talents (occult sciences such as astrology, palmistry, etc.). If the cross touches the Saturn line, it means the bearer will work with the occult. This X is known as the Mystic Cross, or the St. Andrew Cross. The hand of this photo belongs to the author of this website and material.
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✋ Some Yogs of Profession in Vedic Palmistry

Some Yogs of Profession in Vedic Palmistry

In Vedic Palmistry, there are Yogs of Profession, which are signs and special combinations shown in the hand. This ancient knowledge allows us to know in what profession we have the most probability of success. This video shows some examples.

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Mercury (Budha)

Mercury (Budha)

Mercury (Budha)
Mercury (Budha)

Mercury is youthful and causes youthfulness or immaturity in the house of the chart it resides. Mercury is the negotiator, so it rules in us the ability to be diplomats, negotiators, deal-makers, or good liars. Mercury rules all types of communications, spoken and written. A good Mercury in a chart makes for careers where speaking, studying, thinking, writing and other scholarly thinking related matters are necessary. A bad Mercury can work towards making a person dumb or odd in mental workings.

Mercury, being youthful, is neither mature nor convinced about anything for certain. He is truly a gullible boy, so, he is easily influenced by other planets. Any planet with Mercury will influence him. So Mercury is called “mutable” or “changeable”. This reflects in the chart very much. Mercury always stands for the thinking capacity in a person, which in Sanskrit would be called your “Buddhi” or “intelligence”. Mercury’s Sanskrit name is therefore “Budha”, which also means “the intelligence”.

Mercury represents the speech, intellect and friends of the individual. It is a very, adaptable and curious planet. If afflicted, it gives speech problems and a poor discriminative ability. If well placed it makes a person witty, easy going and skillful. Mercury is best placed in Kanya (Virgo) where it is called exalted. Opposite from there, in Meena (Pisces) it is least auspicious and called debilitated. Mercury is lord of the sign Kanya (Virgo) and Mithuna (Gemini) and also of the houses where these signs are placed. Its element is bronze, the color is green and direction north.

Mercury is talkative and tactful, but not harmful. It is a good trader, mathematician, editor and publisher. It has excellent argumentative and analytical power and mind. Mercury signifies: Intelligence, wisdom, speech, education, matters relating to communication such as speech and writing, humor, trade, commerce, sales, education, ideas, thoughts, school, analytical and rational mind, cognitive intelligence, sense of humor, youth, trickster, truth, telephones, television, computers, travel especially short distances, childhood, aunts and uncles, neighbors, adaptability, twins, astrology, nervous system. It represents memory, throat, arms, maternal uncles.

Mercury (Budha)
Ruling Sign Gemini, Virgo
Sign of Exaltation Virgo
Sign of Debilitation Pisces
Moolatrikona Sign Virgo
Nature Benefic
Houses of Aspect 1 and 7
Directional Strength (DigBala) 1st House
Directional Weakness (asleep) 7th House
Day Wednesday
Friends Sun, Venus, Rahu
Enemies Moon, Ketu
Period in a Sign 20 days
Medical Astrology Lungs, hands, arms, nervous system
Main Signification Intellect, Speech, Relating, Communications, Diplomacy
Gemstone Emerald, Green Tourmaline