The Power of the Mind and What Are Thoughts


Channeled by Domingos Yezzi, on 03/06/2006. Assisted by INK, leader of planet AGA, the 7th planet in our Solar System, not yet discovered by science. Thoughts are generated by the … Read More

Faith Is Attunement And Attunement Can Be Low, Medium Or High


Question: Hello Domingos, Please comment on this: “Any supposed phenomena or events that do not depend on us mean that we are being manipulated like puppets, but the alleged ET … Read More

Likeness With Likeness Heals


“Everyone gets exactly what they deserve. And you should be thankful for what you receive, because it is exactly what you are deserving at the moment. You yourself will be able to improve your pattern of merit.”… Read More

Who Will Be “Raptured”?


The evolved beings, whatever planets they are from, have as a principle to be fair and would not contradict the Cosmic Laws, because …… Read More

You Can’t Have It Both Ways


“You are all perfect and expanding; you are all adored and worthy; you are …”… Read More

Preventive Well-Being Is Easier Than Corrective Well-Being


Worse than not having someone to talk about my headache is having the headache. Establishing my well-being solves all the rest!… Read More

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