The Utility of the Negative or the Non-Positive

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“It is not my intention here to make an apology for the negative, much less the negativism, which would be the opposite of the positive and the positivism, just as the shadow is the opposite of light, the left is the opposite of the right, the color black would be the opposite of the white color, and in …”… Read More

What’s On The Moon?

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What is there on the Moon that NASA hides from the population?!… Read More

Can I See The Unknown Planets With My Telescope?

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“A telescope from the dark side of the Moon would need to be …”… Read More

What Should Be The Relation of Weight and Mass on Our Planet?

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“There are more mysteries in between heaven and earth than your vain philosophy can imagine …”… Read More

Distance and Diameter of The Planets and the Names of Our Contacts

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“The distances and the diameters of the planets up to Mars coincide with the …”… Read More

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