Faith Is Attunement And Attunement Can Be Low, Medium Or High

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Question: Hello Domingos, Please comment on this: “Any supposed phenomena or events that do not depend on us mean that we are being manipulated like puppets, but the alleged ET … Read More

The “Passage” from Physical Life to Spiritual Life

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“The apparent feeling that we incarnate is that we would be Alive!” That old act of pinching yourself, putting your hands on other people or objects around us and that … Read More

Spiritual Vampires

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I read about evil souls who, like spiritual vampires, literally harvest …… Read More

The Death Experience

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What happens at the point of death? The question is much more easily asked than answered.… Read More

Everything in The Physical Plane Has a Copy, or “Double” in The Astral

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“The spiritual realm, or the energetic parallel world, which surrounds the Earth and consequently involves us all …”… Read More

What Are Dreams?

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“What we call dream has its causes in some factors …”… Read More

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