Faith Is Attunement And Attunement Can Be Low, Medium Or High

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Question: Hello Domingos, Please comment on this: “Any supposed phenomena or events that do not depend on us mean that we are being manipulated like puppets, but the alleged ET … Read More

Reaching Levels of Evolved Planets

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Question Regarding the spherical plane, what is still missing [for us] to reach other levels of evolved planets? For example, I once read in a book that there are planets … Read More

Likeness With Likeness Heals

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“Everyone gets exactly what they deserve. And you should be thankful for what you receive, because it is exactly what you are deserving at the moment. You yourself will be able to improve your pattern of merit.”… Read More

The “Passage” from Physical Life to Spiritual Life

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“The apparent feeling that we incarnate is that we would be Alive!” That old act of pinching yourself, putting your hands on other people or objects around us and that … Read More

Separation of The “Chaff” from The “Wheat”

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Question: Good evening, Domingos, how are you? I come here to ask you a question regarding the approaching cosmic explosion. With Siderius and Nibiru becoming a second Sun¹, will there … Read More

The Rapture, True or False?

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What has been interpreted by Christian fundamentalists as the rapture and by some New Agers as salvation… Read More

Roots of Sexuality

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“Homosexuality, lesbianism, have their deep causes in the Perispirit, which had a different sexuality from the one he had to assume now, through karma or… Read More

The Utility of the Negative or the Non-Positive

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“It is not my intention here to make an apology for the negative, much less the negativism, which would be the opposite of the positive and the positivism, just as the shadow is the opposite of light, the left is the opposite of the right, the color black would be the opposite of the white color, and in …”… Read More

The Book of Enoch Removed from The Bible

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The Book of Enoch was pulled from the Bible in the past, because …… Read More

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