The Great Pyramids: Origin & Purpose


Humans ponder the pyramids of Egypt and some similar structures in South and Central America, and wonder how early man could rise or move such large stones?… Read More

Roswell Revisited


Concurrent with the 50-year anniversary of the Roswell episode there have been dramatic sightings worldwide. The most notable, due to its media coverage by CNN, was the Phoenix sighting, but … Read More

Roswell Was Not An Accident


“At that time many alien groups wanted a dialog with the …”… Read More

The Disappearance of Malaysia Airplane


“… The Bermuda Triangle, which has the same function or phenomena of “swallowing” airplanes and …”… Read More

Reptilians, Galactic Federation, Grays …


“In my view, all of this, the Confederation, the Reptilians and other manifestations, are …”… Read More

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